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22 Essential Marketing Tips for All Businesses [2024]

22 Essential Marketing Tips for All Businesses [2024]

One critical factor that determines how your brand will thrive is how well you are reaching and connecting with prospective customers. In simple terms, your client base is the strength of your business.

This article provides insight into some of the best marketing tips and tricks that will boost your advertising efforts. If you want to win more customers and generate better leads and traffic for your brand, follow us closely till the end.

22 Essential Marketing Tips for All Businesses

The business world is as old as man, and great marketers have walked the earth, leaving us with a wealth of marketing advice to glean from.

Irrespective of the size and nature of your business, here’s our list of 22 marketing tricks that will transform your brand for the better:

1. Be Aware of What Your Target Audience wants

Your brand exists because you want to serve people, so you need to know exactly who these people are, what they want, and what they think. 

Take your time to thoroughly research your customer’s journey and work backward to create buyer personas they can relate to. Look out for data like customer goals, motivations, demographics, and behavior patterns to create a more personalized experience for them.

2. Be Clear on the Problem You’re Solving 

No matter how unique your business might be, the truth is that no one really cares about what makes you different. People are more concerned about the value you are offering. 

As such, good marketing means that you identify your potential clients and clearly state the solution you are providing for them.

3. Take Your Business Online

Social media is part of our daily lives. As a result, you have to bring your business online to connect with your potential customers. 

There are many social media platforms today, and it might not be feasible to be on all of them. A great marketing tip is to discover the major platforms where your clients are and move your business there so it’s visible to your target audience. 

4. Know Your Competition

Marketers do competitor analysis

It’s always good to know the competition you’re up against in winning your customers’s attention. Do your market research to understand the market strategy of the businesses your clients are patronizing. 

Armed with this knowledge, you can make your brand and your advertising approach an improved version of theirs.

5. Optimize Your Website and Content

What value do you expect from a beautifully crafted website that is not visible on Google? None, right? 

When working with your web design team, ensure they know what SEO is and optimize your website’s content to be visible to all. Also, include relevant keywords in your blog posts so that Google can index your content accordingly.

6. Have Social Proof

Social proof is a third-party validation of the value your business offers. It’s easy for people to gloss over your brand when you’re the one lauding your business. 

However, they’ll be forced to listen when customers like them are giving positive reviews about your products. Be intentional about including customer testimonials to increase the success of your content marketing.

7. Be Socially Responsible

According to the 2020 Edelman Trust Barometer study, clients will prefer to do business with brands that balance competence with ethical behavior

This fact implies that standing up for social responsibility is one way to make your business stand out from others. It is a way customers trust and connect with your business because you are concerned with the welfare of society. 

8. Leverage Short-Form Videos 

A 2023 study has shown that video content reaches about 92.3 percent of the total number of internet users. Additionally, about 1.6 billion people used short videos to communicate in 2022

With this kind of visual content, you can show off your brand and build trust and credibility with your customers. 

9. Consider Blogging 

blogs on Mandala website page

According to a DemandMetric study, companies that blog generate about 67 percent more leads monthly than businesses that don’t

Also, 70 percent of people prefer learning about a company by reading articles rather than through advertisements. If you don’t already have a blog for your business, consider starting one to drive strong marketing results.

10. Include Images in Your Marketing Content 

This marketing tip stems from the reality that we live in a visual age. For businesses with online stores, including high-quality photos can boost your customers’ engagement. 

In fact, Forbes has revealed that visual content records about 94 percent more views than those without images. So, whenever you’re preparing text-based marketing content for your brand, consider including images.

11. Share User-Generated Content (UGCs)

UGCs can help you build community and engagement around your brand’s products and services. Feel free to ask your social media followers and customers who have patronized you before to create content about your brand that you can share with others. 

Whenever you get UCCs, do not forget to acknowledge the creators. If possible, you could also incentivize these people with rewards like gift cards or cash gifts.

12. Engage Your Audience

Engaging your audience builds trust and authenticity because it reveals the human behind the brand. Simple ways to do this include responding to their comments and questions, running polls to get feedback from them, hosting contests, and doing giveaways. 

It is important to make your customers feel valued rather than prioritizing self-promotion.

13. Use Emails

Emailing remains one of the best tips for advertising your business. 

According to the Content Marketing Institute, 81 percent of B2B marketers agree that email newsletters are their most popular form of content marketing. To further engage your prospective customers, launch regular email newsletters that share important news about your company and include perks like promotions and offers.

14. Value Your Existing Customers

It’s possible to fall into the trap of neglecting your existing customers to win new clients. However, you should know that your existing customers are huge assets in promoting your brands. 

One of the best marketing tips to make your long-time customers feel special is to create a loyalty program for them. You can also provide referral incentives so they can recommend your brand to their friends and family.

15. Open a Free Google Business Profile

A Google Business account is an easy way to boost your brand’s visibility. This profile includes details like your website address, phone number, working hours, business address, and reviews. 

By creating your Google Business profile, your business will appear when someone searches for your brand’s name and other relevant keywords.

16. Add Your Social Media Handles to Your Website

Mandala's social media handles on Mandala website page

Make it easy for your website visitors to reach and follow your business’ social media handle by including the icons on your site. 

If your audience’s journey to finding your profile is long, it may discourage them and reduce the likelihood of engagement. Additionally, this practice boosts trust and cross-channel engagement.

17. Repurpose Successful Content

In a bid to discover new marketing tricks to grow your business, it is possible to forget the strategies that have worked in the past. The truth is that when you double down on what has worked, you’ll see even more results. 

Take a step back to think of previous advertising content that was productive and recycle them. For example, you can convert a successful webinar into a video tutorial, or you can expand massively engaged video content into a blog post.

18. Use Hashtags

Whenever there is a prevailing hashtag that is relevant to your brand, you can hop on the trend to promote your product. 

Hashtags help you organically reach a wider audience. So, the next time you want to make a social media post, incorporate a hashtag that relates to your business to raise awareness of your services.

19. Partner with an Influencer

Influencer marketing works because these content creators are endorsing your product to a fan base that already trusts and respects their opinions.

Connect with influencers who can promote your business on their social media accounts or feature in your ad. You don’t need a large budget to work with influencers. Instead of looking for content creators that might seem beyond your reach, you can target nano- and micro-influencers with highly engaging audiences who are more affordable. 

20. Run Paid Ads 

Social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest run pay-per-click (PPC) campaigns for all kinds of businesses, including small ones, to advertise their services. 

As you get to understand your target audience, you use filters to make your ads more focused so you can get maximum value for your money.

21. Have a Social Media Posting Schedule

With a social media posting schedule, you get to retain your audience properly because you’ll be delivering content regularly. 

This is also a strategy, especially when you use social media monitoring tools like Mandala AI. The platform takes into account audience demography and peak engagement time when automating your posting schedule. As a result, your posts will be live at a time when your potential clients will be most active.

22. Join Industry Conversations

Put your business out there by engaging in niche forums relevant to your brand. You can look for social media platforms, sites, and communities to join and participate in the conversation.

These efforts help you build credibility and long-lasting relationships with your potential customers and even professionals in the industry.

Empower Your Marketing Effort

There you have it: our top 22 tips on how to get better at marketing your business. One thing to keep in mind is that these marketing strategies are always evolving, so you need to stay updated. 

With Mandala AI, you can stay informed of prevailing marketing trends to always be ahead of your competitors. You can get started with our 15-day free trial to see the value we offer.

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