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20 Actionable Legal Marketing Ideas for Law Firms [2024]

20 Actionable Legal Marketing Ideas for Law Firms [2024]

As a legal professional in the ongoing digital revolution, you need to have the right lawyer marketing ideas to thrive and stand out amidst the competition. Even if you have the skills that people need, how will they patronize your services if they don’t know you exist?

With effective law firm marketing, you increase your visibility and reach, which ultimately helps you attract the right clients. Moreover, you establish yourself as a credible authority within the crowded legal marketplace. 

Follow us closely to discover practical legal marketing ideas you can put in place to transform your law firm marketing ideas for the better.

20 Legal Marketing Ideas for 2024 

Here are 20 best attorney marketing ideas for law firms that will help you tailor and optimize your marketing strategies to yield impressive results.

1. Have a Local Landing Page for Your Core Service

From your landing page, your potential clients should be able to tell the specific service you’re offering. Instead of just emphasizing your firm’s name, let your clients see something that makes an impression on them. 

For example, instead of saying A & B Partners, try Best Family Lawyer in Florida. Also, your service page should include CTAs like Call our Office Now and Click Here to Speak with a Lawyer.

2. Show Up for Local Networking Events

Networking events are a good place to meet and become visible to clients and other experts in the legal field. In executing this marketing for lawyers tip, consider hosting or sponsoring local events, sports teams, or showing up for local chamber of commerce meetings.

If you have the opportunity to introduce your firm at these events, it is good to practice an elevator speech (about 90 seconds) ahead. The goal of the speech is to succinctly communicate what your business is and the value you provide within the shortest time possible.

Or else, let our comprehensive event marketing statistics demonstrate the indispensable role event marketing plays in propelling your business forward.

3. Leverage Google Business Profile

A good marketing tip for lawyers is to have a business profile, and Google Business is a tool that makes it easy. This free service adds your firm to Google’s online list to help you gain visibility and generate organic traffic for your firm. 

Additionally, you can include your contact information, address, hours of operation, and answers to your clients’ FAQs on your profile.

Law firm Google business profile example

4. Ask Clients For Referrals

Asking for referrals is one of the cheapest but most effective lawyer marketing tips. Building relationships is a core part of the legal profession, and we are here to remind you to capitalize on establishing strong connections.

However, you should know that your referral request has a higher chance of being honored if you deliver an impressive service to your clients. So, after you’ve fulfilled your end of the bargain, dutifully resound it to your past and present clients to tell their friends and family about you.

5. Ask Clients for Honest Feedback

Existing clients’ reviews are an authentic way to attract and earn the trust of prospective clients. If you have limited reviews about your firm, start encouraging clients to leave their comments on your social media pages.

Also, you can incentivize clients to make video reviews to boost the authenticity of their testimonials.

6. Have a Direct Email Marketing Strategy

Direct email marketing lets you reach your prospective audience who may be inactive on social media. Ensure your emails are personalized so that the recipients are more likely to open them. 

Also, you can modify this attorney marketing tip to include segmented email campaigns so you can reach specific people in specific demographic locations.

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7. Carry Out a Technical Audit of Your Website

If you already have a website for your business, you have to improve its performance by conducting a technical audit. 

During this process, you check for broken links or poorly crafted meta titles and descriptions that might hinder your site’s SEO performance. You must also work with your IT team to optimize your site for speed and ensure your sitemap is up-to-date.

8. Optimize Your Website To Improve User Experience

Anyone who visits your site wants to get value, and you must do your best not to disappoint them so you can earn their trust. Under this marketing for attorneys, you take your time to create thoroughly researched content for them. Also, having an FAQ section for common questions they might have is a great way to win them over.

Additionally, remember that most visitors to your site will be smartphone users. So, you must ensure that your web design is aesthetically pleasing and intuitive enough for this group of people to navigate it easily.

9. Leverage YouTube Marketing

You stand to gain a lot of marketing edge when using YouTube because of inbuilt advertising tools. For one, this platform has an algorithm that can automatically make recommendations to users who searched for videos similar to yours. 

Also, YouTube video content never really grows old. A video can still be generating traffic years after it was uploaded.

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10. Incorporate Chatbots on Your Website

Chatbots save you unnecessary human labor while improving customer experience. This AI chat support can provide answers to clients’ simple questions 24/7 with little human intervention. 

They can also be configured to have questionnaires so you can garner relevant information from clients to aid segmentation and lead generation.

chatbot in law firm website example

11. Launch an Email Marketing Campaign

Launching an email campaign helps you have highly targeted email marketing. Craft a message encouraging those visiting your website to subscribe to your email list. Once the list is ready, you can provide valuable updates to your clients. 

Take your efforts a notch higher by also including CTAs in your emails.

12. Invest in Digital Advertising

Digital advertising allows you to reach your target audience quickly and easily. Work with your design and content writing team to develop clickable ads for platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn. 

Ensure that these clicks lead to your landing page and that the page has a CTA and a contact form.

13. Explore Content Marketing

Now that you’ve been able to get visitors to your website, you need to make them see that you have the solution to their problems. 

As such, your site should have relevant, in-depth, and original content so they can keep coming back. Include your social media handles on your website to further boost engagement with your law firm.

14. Embrace Video Marketing

Making videos is one of the most prevailing attorney marketing ideas for content creation. People are more likely to watch videos than read about your business. 

Take advantage of testimonial videos, explainer videos, and other forms of video marketing to show prospective clients what you do.

15. Optimize Your Directory Listing

Alongside Google, you can add your firm to other relevant legal directories to make your firm more visible. 

However, you should be diligent to ensure that your contact number, address, and business slogan (where necessary) do not conflict across all the listings. 

16. Guest Post on Relevant Websites

Even if you wouldn’t get paid, guest posting is an excellent way to build your brand as an authority, especially when contributing to a high-authority website. Readers who come across your content become familiar with your brand name. 

Also, backlinking to your firm’s website is a good SEO tool that helps you come up organically in search result pages.

17. A/B or Split Test Your Website

This legal marketing idea involves you developing versions of your website to determine the one that visitors love the most. The version that has the highest engagement is the one you should go with. 

If you want to determine the CTA that users prefer, try including the options for them to call, email, fill out a contact form, or book an appointment. The one that converts the most is definitely the method to prioritize.

18. Consider a Retargeting Campaign

Imagine this. You checked an online store but didn’t make any purchases. However, ever since the day you visited the site, ads from the store seem to show up all the time. Well, you were retargeted!

You can take advantage of this marketing for your law firm so that your visitors get an opportunity to hear from you again even after leaving your site. However, be careful to balance not creeping your potential clients out and ensuring they know you still exist.

19. Create a Gated Whitepaper

A gated white paper is one of the greatest lead magnets for a legal firm. Just like an eBook, this document is academic and authoritative. 

Although it is free, it’s called gated because people can only access it by entering a piece of contact information like their email address. 

In short, they get value in exchange for your permission to email them. You can then use these details for your segmented campaign.

20. Revamp Your LinkedIn Presence

LinkedIn is a social media platform that has become a place to showcase your business and professional identity. As such, you should put in the work to make your profile appear attractive. Ensure all the details on your handle are optimized. 

Also, all the content on your LinkedIn profile should reflect what your brand stands for.

Irwin Mitchell Linkedin
Irwin Mitchell

Expert Strategies for Law Firm Growth 

The beauty of our digital world is that you can now automate marketing to reduce unnecessary human intervention and wasted resources. For most of the law firm marketing tips we’ve examined above, you can leverage Mandala AI to discover real-time data to make informed advertising decisions for your business. Get started now with our 15-day free trial!

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