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The Best Time to Post on Twitter in 2023

The Best Time to Post on Twitter in 2023

It feels strange talking about the best time to post on Twitter since it’s the only social media platform that seems to work on a 24/7 basis.

However, if you want your Twitter marketing to get great results, there are more optimal posting times you should consider. This dynamic platform encourages real-time communication, but brands should still identify the best posting hours to increase their account visibility.

Keep reading to learn how to do exactly that.

The Twitter Landscape

Twitter has become an informational powerhouse. As a social media platform, it quickly grew as a way to disseminate information at the speed of light.

More than 368 million users worldwide use the platform to get information, stay updated on trends, and be entertained, which means companies now have a powerful tool to support their bottom line.

Timing your Twitter posts right may help your tweets reach a wider audience. The level of information posted on the platform can be overwhelming, so considering the best posting times can increase your chances of being seen.

Deciphering Optimal Tweeting Times

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When’s the best time to tweet? It depends.

Studies and analysis provide some clarity on this topic, but these times don’t mean anything without context.

  1. The best time of day to tweet: early, between 9am and noon.
  2. The best days to post on Twitter: from Tuesday to Thursday.
  3. Worst Twitter posting times: on Sundays and in the late afternoon

However, though these benchmarks may help you form an idea of ideal posting times, you should only refine your schedule once you take a closer look at:

  1. Audience Behaviors
  2. Time Zones
  3. Content Trends

This data helps you discover the Twitter peak hours for your specific target audience and the overall industry. Going on industry benchmarks alone could mean you’re missing out on optimal posting times if your specific target deviates from the benchmark even slightly.

Mastering Day-Specific Engagement

Audience engagement patterns will likely not be identical throughout the entire week. Looking at your engagement stats can help you identify which days of the week are most beneficial to you, as well as the best time of day to post on Twitter.

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Overall, Sundays are not the ideal posting time, but is that true for your brand specifically? Check your Twitter stats and look at these metrics to determine the best time to post on Twitter:

  1. Impressions: How many times your tweet was viewed (overall, not by unique users).
  2. Retweets: How many times your post was shared.
  3. Quote Retweets: How many times your post was shared along with new content, such as a user comment?
  4. Tweet Likes: How many times the tweet was appreciated.
  5. Replies: How many comments the tweet got.
  6. Link Clinks: How many URL clicks.
  7. User Profile Clicks: The number of times your profile’s picture, user name, and display name were clicked.

These stats underline how successful a specific tweet was. You can use them together with posting data (time and date) to discover your optimal posting times.

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Note that you may get different results based on the specific metrics you focus on. For example, your analysis may reveal that the best time to tweet for engagement-like replies is in the morning, but if you want more retweets, these could increase more at a later time.

Navigating Twitter’s Time Zones

Unless you’re only interested in users in a specific location, factoring in time zones is essential to your Twitter or X posting schedule.

If your target audience is mostly in the U.S., the two main time zones to focus on are Eastern and Central. Looking at your specific demographics can help you determine which of the two you should prioritize based on where most of your audience is located.

But if you also have an international audience, things get trickier. Rewording your content and scheduling it for your international audience specifically is the best approach to ensure you’re addressing everyone and not creating fatigue by constantly reposting the same tweets over and over.

Harnessing Twitter’s Active Hours

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The Twitter algorithm prioritizes new content and delivers it on the user’s “For You” feed. Knowing Twitter’s peak hours for your niche is therefore the best way to ensure maximum visibility for your Twitter content.

If you post at a time when people are most active, you automatically have a higher chance of being featured in multiple news feeds. Then, you can score greater engagement stats that can increase your visibility even outside peak hours through retweets and quote retweets.

Mandala AI’s Time Analytics

There are several ways to look at the stats and determine the best time to post on Twitter, but none are as simple as Mandala AI’s Time Analytics tool.

Though originally designed for Facebook marketing, our tool now gathers essential data from all major social media sites, including Twitter. With it, you can analyze and monitor post engagement on the platform and get detailed reports that underline the optimal posting times effortlessly.

With Time Analytics, you can:

  1. Optimize posting schedules: Discover the most active Twitter times without using several third-party solutions that require you to piece the data together. Time Analytics monitors post engagement with the explicit purpose of helping you determine ideal posting times.
  2. Boost overall engagements: Leverage the information in your dashboard to schedule your Twitter content to increase perception. This way, you’ll have more chances of getting likes, retweets, comments, and other essential engagement stats.

Have a look at the full capabilities of Mandala AI’s tools and start building more effective Twitter marketing strategies that use data to yield more results.


Sadly, when it comes to finding the best time to post on Twitter, there is no straight answer. You need to consider the unique behaviors of your target audience to determine optimal scheduling times and dates based on the metrics you’re most interested in. But at least you can make the process smoother by using Mandala AI’s tools to gather and analyze this data with ease. Get started on a better way to conduct Twitter marketing by registering for our platform today.

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