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40 Real Estate Marketing Ideas to Attract More Buyers [2024]

40 Real Estate Marketing Ideas to Attract More Buyers [2024]

While everyone needs a realtor for closing a sale, today’s buyers do the pre-sale research themselves. Over 92% of homebuyers use the internet to start their buying journey. As a realtor, that means you want to be one of the first things they discover on the internet. 

That way, they’re the most likely to hire your services. So you can’t afford to neglect your marketing in today’s competitive industry.

You need to be proactive, and the best way to do that is with these 40 real estate marketing ideas.

40 Real Estate Marketing Ideas for 2024

1. Build a Professional Website

Marketing for real estate agents is all about being professional. And there’s no better way to look professional today than with a sleek website. Your website is the lynchpin for your entire marketing plan. 

So, having a good professional website is the best marketing for realtors. 

In fact, 75% of people judge a business’s credibility based on its website. Optimize yours with good website copy, a prominent call-to-action (CTA), and a user-friendly design.

Realtor website

2. Create Awesome Listings

Modern consumers are extremely careful when making life-defining purchases like homes. They want to know if their home is in a suitable neighborhood, which businesses are within walking distance, and what the home looks like inside. 

Take advantage of this preference by creating detailed real estate promotions. The best advertising for realtors is thorough. 

Your listings should be detailed and easy to navigate. Users should easily be able to access relevant information. Include great photos, virtual tours, and easy access to Google Maps. 

3. Talk to Your Ideal Clients

Gather feedback from the people who are most likely to buy from you. And use that information to improve your website and marketing content. This is one of the most unique real estate marketing ideas. 

Discover your ideal client’s preferences. This includes the type of language they use and what content they value. Then incorporate this information in your website to improve your website’s traffic and retention. 

4. Do Your SEO

You can’t do online real estate agent marketing without SEO. You need your website to rank on search engines for potential customers to discover it. 

Improve your SEO by discovering and including relevant keywords on your website’s content and descriptions. You should also backlink to authoritative sites and improve your site’s responsiveness and speed. 

Your SEO goal is to become as discoverable to your target audience as possible on search engines. 

Explore our SEO tips or glean insights from prominent SEO influencers.

5. Create Your Google Business Profile

Your Google Business Profile is one of the most important parts of local SEO. Optimize yours to use as marketing for realtors. The best way is to encourage previously satisfied clients to leave positive online reviews. 

New potential clients are likely to check previous reviews before contacting you. 

Your goal is to look high quality enough that users easily discover you through Google Search, Maps, and the Knowledge Panel. 


6. Optimize for Mobile

Over 97% of people use the internet when searching for homes, mostly on their phones. So optimizing your website for mobile is one of the best realtor advertising ideas. 

Create a responsive and adaptive mobile site. If needed, reach out to an expert to build an ideal mobile website for you. 

Be sure to test your website. You want your website’s mobile experience to match your desktop one. 

7. Develop Relevant Content and Blogs

High-quality and relevant blog posts are another great advertising idea for realtors. Users trust you more when you give them valuable content. You also position yourself as an authority. 

That way, you’re the obvious choice to go to when they need to buy a home. To be effective, only publish blog posts that provide actual value to users. 

For example, you could publish a blog post about how to manage homes when it snows in your local area. This is practical information that’ll benefit readers and position you as an authority. 

8. Showcase Your Expertise

The best realtor marketing also shows off your expertise. Use your knowledge of the industry and market to position yourself as an authority figure. You can do this in multiple ways other than just blog posts. 

You could host webinars, Q&A sessions, or create video content around real estate. The goal is to demystify the industry and demonstrate your knowledge. 

9. Vary Your Distribution Methods

Creating good content isn’t enough. You also have to distribute it the right way. You need the right audience to view your content. So raw view counts aren’t enough. 

You need to purposefully distribute your content where your desired audience is most likely to view it. This could be your social media channels or a curated contact list, for example. 

10. Run Social Ads

Run Pay-per-click (PPC) ads on social media and complementary websites to gather qualified leads. Thankfully, you can target very specific audiences on most ad and social media platforms, ensuring you target relevant users. 

Using this precise targeting is one of the best real estate ad ideas because it maximizes your return on investment (ROI).

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11. Use Dedicated Landing Pages

You need dedicated landing pages to effectively convert your audiences. Real estate agents can use them to address the needs of specific types of clients without confusing them. 

For example, you could have separate landing pages for clients interested in commercial property. The benefit of doing this is that they’ll receive content that specifically addresses their needs and questions. 

That way you’ll maximize conversions. 

12. Geo-Targeting

Realtors can use geo-targeting to attract clients in specific areas. For example, if you’re selling vacant homes in Denver, you’ll likely want an audience that lives in Denver. People living in Denver are the most likely to buy homes there after all. 

Adopt this targeted approach to concentrate on areas with high buyer interest. This way, you’ll maximize your marketing efficiency. 

13. List on Zillow and Other Top Sites

Zillow is essentially the Yelp of real estate, and it has over 200 million monthly visitors. And realtors can advertise as agents on the site. So taking advantage of the platform is one of the best realtor marketing ideas. 

Zillow may be expensive, but it’s worth the expense because of the site’s sheer size. 

Other similar top sites include Trulia,, and Redfin. Advertise as many of them as you can. 

14. Post Consistently and Frequently on Social Media

Social media represents the best place to build your brand as a realtor. It’s also the only place you can add some personality to your brand to stand out from competitors. But you can only benefit from that if you post frequently and consistently. 

Create a content schedule and regularly post high-quality content. Ideally, focus your attention on the channel you find your ideal audience. 

15. Use the Right Hashtags

Hashtags are the best way for users to find related content posted by other users. Take note of this fact and use the right tags to boost your own engagement. Include multiple hashtags for maximum effect, but don’t overdo it. 

You should only use a handful of relevant hashtags to generate attention from the right audience. Your goal is to become as easily discoverable on social media by your desired users as possible. 

Examples include #Torontorealestate, #RealtorsofToronto, #Torontohomebuyertips. 

If you’re unsure about how to leverage hashtags effectively, delve into our blog for expert guidance

16. Engage With Your Audience

Don’t just post on social media and leave to check your likes and comments later. Instead, actively engage with your audience by responding to their messages and comments. 

Engaging on social media improves your position with the algorithm. You also build connections with your followers. A fun and engaging social media presence is also a solid way to set yourself apart from competitors online. 

You could even actively engage with users by joining relevant Facebook groups and participating in discussions. 

17. Use Pinterest Boards

Using Pinterest boards is one of the most unique marketing ideas for real estate because few realtors do it. Pinterest is very relevant for industries like real estate where a good property presentation impacts the likelihood of a sale. 

So create high-quality Pinterest boards that feature individual properties and the surrounding areas. Your goal is to make the property as visually appealing and informative as possible for users to effectively generate leads.

Sotheby’s Pinterest board
Sotheby’s Pinterest

18. Local Sponsorships

Local sponsorships are a great way to engage with your community. These opportunities include financially contributing to local sports or arts programs, or sponsoring events. 

When you sponsor anything, the goal is to prominently feature your business. Do that with t-shirts, flyers, and pamphlets to improve brand visibility. 

You also want to engage with the local community to improve your reputation. This approach will also build goodwill between you and your community. 

19 Local Content on Your Website

Creating local content is one of the least used marketing ideas for real estate agents. It’s a great idea because you can precisely target your local market. Also, in real estate, you don’t just promote a single property, you promote the local area, too. 

Create local content by including high-quality local photos and keywords in your website copy that appeal to the local market. 

The goal is for your website to resonate with local buyers in the best possible way. 

20. Become a Local Magazine Columnist

Publishing content in your local magazine will easily land you as the local authority on real estate. Use your local magazine to position yourself as the best source for real estate information and advice. 

That way, local readers are more likely to contact you. Local magazines are a great choice because they have devoted readerships that include your ideal buyers. 

So creating high-quality content for your local magazine is a great way to improve your visibility and increase brand awareness. 

21. Partner With Local Businesses

Partner with local businesses to improve your service offerings. Most realtors partner with just mortgage lenders, but you should partner with other businesses too. Local photographers and home repair providers are just a few examples. 

Collaborating with these local businesses offers mutual benefits. You promote your services among their clients and vice versa. So you’ll significantly improve your relationship with the local community and boost your marketing. 

22. Host Free Seminars for Home Buyers

Another way to use your industry expertise to market yourself is with seminars. Host seminars to educate community members about home buying and mortgages. Explain how everything works for them. 

Again, the goal is to position yourself as their go-to guide on all things real estate. Hosting a seminar is time-consuming, but it’s worth the effort if attendees walk away impressed by you. 

Starting Point Realty’s Free Seminar

23. Create a Newsletter

One of the best marketing ideas for realtors is to distribute newsletters to relevant audiences. Personalize newsletters according to your audience’s diverse needs and deliver to them. 

Newsletters improve engagement and retention with your customers by providing valuable content. To be effective, ensure your newsletters provide actionable information and practical guidance for readers.

Include information like industry news and practical tips. Don’t spam them with redundant information. 

24. Start an Email Nurture Campaign

An email nurture campaign is when you send a series of emails to convert a potential lead into a customer. It’s like leaving a trail of breadcrumbs that leads them to the gingerbread house.

An email nurture campaign works by first piquing your lead’s curiosity. Then it provides increasingly enticing content to eventually convert them into a client. 

In real estate, you can do that by emailing lead magnet pieces, like ebooks, or by sending local content, like a newsletter. 

The goal is to supply content that eventually leads to buying from you. 

25. Send Out Greeting Emails

Sending greeting emails for occasions like birthdays, holidays, or anniversaries is great for maintaining client relationships. It’s a simple but effective strategy that builds goodwill between you and your clients. 

To maximize effectiveness, your greeting emails should be as personalized as possible. You want to demonstrate that you actually care for your customers. So don’t include generic messages. 

For example, you could send out a birthday email to a client that talks about what you appreciate from them as a client. 

26. Use Traditional Advertising

By far one of the best real estate advertising ideas is to employ a mix of modern and traditional advertising strategies. You should have a strong presence both online and in traditional media like television and radio. 

You need this balance in real estate because a huge percentage of potential buyers are in the older demographics. You need to appeal to them too. 

So employ a mix of advertising media, including social media and TV ads. 

Prime Crest's billboard ads

27. Branded Merchandise 

Gifting branded merchandise to your customers and partners is an excellent way to leave a lasting impression. Gift them small, but useful, items like mugs, notepads, and pens with your branding. 

It’s a small gesture of goodwill, but it leaves a positive impression of you. These types of items create a positive association between you and your clients or partners. And it’ll win you their loyalty too. 

28. Use Call Tracking

Call tracking is when you use software to assign unique phone numbers to a marketing campaign or ad. You’ll then use that number to contact the viewers of a specific ad or marketing campaign.

It’s a data-driven approach that bridges the gap between your customers’ online journey and phone interactions. 

Call tracking is also great for gauging your marketing’s effectiveness. 

29. Create a Killer Business Card

Even in today’s digital age, a good business card has no equals. A visually appealing and striking business card is a great representation of your brand. 

Build a great business card by using clear, concise, and impactful language. Also, have a consistent font and color scheme with the rest of your marketing content. 

You also want to use a powerful call to action (CTA) to leave a lasting impression on recipients. 

30. Send Old-School Mailers

Even today, real estate mailers are an effective marketing tool. So don’t hesitate to mail flyers, postcards, and brochures to attract potential customers. 

Sending seasonal postcards remains one of the best real estate agent advertising ideas. It’s simple and effective in winning over potential customers. 

Your goal should be to coordinate real estate mailers with your online marketing material to maximize effectiveness. This multi-channel approach ensures your business provides the most consistent brand presence. 

31. Give a Local Care Package After Closing

Gift a meaningful care package to customers after a closing. It’s an inexpensive but powerful gesture of goodwill. Your agent care package will likely be your client’s first housewarming gift. 

So it’s a great opportunity to reinforce your relationship. A satisfied customer is more likely to recommend you to their friends or share positive feedback on social media. 

Partner with a local business to improve community ties and create collaborative opportunities in your local area. 

32. Publish a Fun Local Quiz

Another fun real estate marketing idea is publishing a local market quiz on your site. Create a short, multiple choice quiz on an interesting topic, like the local famous places.

You could even make the quiz about broader topics like pop culture. The goal is to engage potential customers with a fun short piece of media. 

If you want to establish yourself as a definitive authority on real estate, you could even post a detailed quiz on how to buy real estate. Kevin Ho and Johnathon McNarry from Vanguard Properties did exactly that here

33. Provide Free Home Valuations

Including a home valuation tool on your website is a great way to add extra value for customers. Here’s an example you can take inspiration from. 

The visitor enters their address and exchanges contact information, like their email address and phone number in return for a free home valuation. 

You give the visitor a home evaluation, which they want. In return, they provide contact information you can use to transform into a lead.

zillow home valuations
Zillow Home Valuations

34. Create a Game for Televised Events

Create a fun game you can get sponsored into award shows or televised events, like a printable bingo chart or a branded dart set. 

The goal is to get something fun and entertaining to a large audience to reinforce your brand. 

This type of marketing collateral is great for getting viewers to remember your brand. 

35. Create Detailed Guides and Charts 

Create in-depth graphics for your marketing content. Emphasis on in-depth. You want your visuals to be striking and appealing. Don’t underestimate the importance of visual representation. 

Ideally, either develop your own Photoshop skills or hire a professional graphic designer to create the most compelling imagery for your content. Include this high-quality imagery in all your marketing material, ranging from blog posts to newsletters. 

You could even add some humor into the mix, like Kind of Normal’s Truth Facts comic

36. Create a Referral System

Word of mouth will always be one of the best marketing channels. Ask all your successful customers to refer other potential clients to you. Do this systematically. Always ask every client for a referral after they’ve closed with you. 

Not every client will refer someone, but you’ll eventually receive some referrals over time. 

Another great way to get referrals is to periodically send content, like newsletters and blog posts, to successful customers. That way, you’ll stay at the top of their mind when their family and friends think about buying real estate. 

37. Focus on Your Branding and Design

Building a unique brand, through good design or other techniques, is the best way to stand out in a competitive industry. Figure out how to make your business look unique and incorporate that element everywhere from your website to marketing content. 

When someone visits your website or sees other marketing content, they should immediately recognize you. That type of consistent branding will earn you brand recognition among your desired clients. 

38. Film Video Walkthroughs to Share

Post a full video walkthrough of a property online. This is one of the most powerful strategies to engage with your online audience. 

These types of videos offer excellent visual information for potential buyers and establish you as a professional. 

Ideally, produce professional quality videos to display your properties and highlight your personality. 

Popular videos like these provide immersive experiences to buyers and a great way to differentiate yourself from the competition.

39. Drone Photography

Drone photography accelerates real estate sales by around 68%. It’s revolutionized real estate marketing because it provides a bird’s eye view of a property. Content like this captivates audiences and improves their understanding of your property and its surroundings. 

Using drone technology also demonstrates that you’re a modern and professional realtor who takes their marketing seriously. 

40. Virtual Staging

Providing virtual tours of properties accelerates the buying process because it gives viewers an immersive experience. A virtual tour is an excellent presentation of a property and lets potential buyers imagine themselves in the space. 

Potential buyers can just browse your listings and virtually tour the properties they like. That way, they develop a better understanding of what they want faster. So it saves you both time. 

Hosting virtual stagings also improves your reputation as a professional realtor and sets you apart from the competition. 

Real estate virtual staging
Virtual Staging

Attract More Buyers Today!

Thanks for reading our 40 best real estate agent marketing ideas! You now know that good marketing involves a balanced approach. You need to deliver high-quality and relevant content to the right audience online and offline. 

Implement what you’ve learned today, and we’re sure you’ll become a top-tier real estate marketer in no time.

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