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13 Best Restaurant Marketing Tools to Boost Reach [2024]

13 Best Restaurant Marketing Tools to Boost Reach [2024]

No matter how fantastic your food tastes, your restaurant will only be a success if people know that it exists. Of course, the restaurant industry might appear a bit crowded, yet there are measures you can take to make yours stand out. You can transform your eatery into a busy food spot with the right restaurant marketing tools.

In this guide, we’ll explore some 13 best marketing tools for restaurants that you can use to streamline your restaurant marketing efforts to drive business growth. 

Let’s get started!

Social Media Marketing Tools

Like most businesses today, you probably already have different social media platforms through which you want to connect with potential diners. However, creating and managing your brand content across these omnichannels could prove stressful. Luckily, the following restaurant marketing systems can help with your social media marketing activities.

1. Mandala Cosmos

Mandala Cosmos restaurant marketing tool

Mandala Cosmos is your go-to restaurant marketing tool for social media listening and monitoring, whether you own a small or large eatery. This platform helps you discover new trends, create customized feeds, and monitor all your social media profiles and online feeds featured with post-performance stats, all in one place.

As a Cosmos starter, you can use this tool for free. However, this option comes with limited features. To fully enjoy what Mandala offers, subscribe to the Personal or Business packages. Check out the monthly pricing for each of them below:

Mandala AI Starter$15Mandala AI Team $159
Mandala AI Individual$39Mandala AI Premium$499
Mandala AI Professional$69Mandala AI Business$699
Mandala AI EnterpriseCustom-made 

2. Hootsuite

Hootsuite marketing tool

Hootsuite has functionalities like content planning, creation, scheduling, and publishing. With less work, you can effectively respond faster to customers and stay updated with what is trending in the restaurant industry. This platform’s social media AI writer can also help you create the best ideas and select hashtags for your posts.

3. Buzzsumo

Buzzsumo restaurant marketing tool

Handling a lot of information can be frustrating, but Buzzsumo is here to save the day. This restaurant marketing system allows you to access one of the largest banks of social engagement data. 

With the Keyword Monitoring option, you can create alerts for specific topics, brands, or keywords you’re interested in. Buzzsumo also lets you stay up-to-date with what your competitors are doing, monitor your PR campaigns, and connect with key influencers and bloggers in the industry.

SEO Marketing Tools

If you want your restaurant’s website to rank well and gain visibility, you cannot joke with its search engine optimization (SEO). Irrespective of your SEO knowledge, the following marketing software for restaurants will make SEO marketing a breeze for you.

4. SEMRush

SEMrush restaurant SEO tool

This platform helps you run an on-page SEO audit to optimize your page for better lead generation. SEMRush also enables you to monitor the keywords your competitors are using so you can improve your campaign. Additionally, you can use this tool to earn valuable backlinks to high-authority websites, which helps to strengthen your restaurant site’s credibility. 

5. Ahrefs

Ahrefs has proven to be one of the foremost tools for SEO over the years. It provides crucial information on keywords and websites’ ranking. It also has an extensive database of live links, which makes it one of the best backlink checkers you can leverage to optimize your website.

Other features of Ahrefs include the site explorer tool, which gives you insight into the keywords you can use to generate organic traffic for your restaurant’s webpage. There is also the site audit tool, which sends you regular updates on your site’s health.  

And to truly unlock your potential, delve into our SEO marketing tips blog for invaluable strategies and tactics. Let’s make optimizing your restaurant’s online presence both seamless and rewarding.

Email Marketing Platforms

Email marketing is here to stay, and there are tools that you can integrate into your business to reach your customers via email. Here’s an overview of two of such platforms.

6. Mailchimp

Email marketing tool for restaurants

Mailchimp has many advanced features that help you spend less time creating emails for your brand, such as numerous email templates that you can modify to suit your restaurant’s style. Segmentation tools also ensure your mail gets delivered to the right customers at the right time and in relevant locations.

Mailchimp allows you to automate your emailing to drive more traffic to your restaurant’s website, thus improving your sales. Furthermore, you can make data-driven decisions instead of guesswork when you receive recommendations and suggestions based on your top-performing customers.

7. HubSpot

Hubspot email marketing tool for restaurants

HubSpot email marketing tool ensures you do everything to earn your customers’ loyalty via email. You can design beautiful email campaigns that will look perfect across different devices. Also, your emails will appear more personal to boost your email open rates. 

Additionally, you can easily monitor the email subjects with the highest engagement rate and those opening them to help with your next email campaign. 

Plus, you can harness the true potential of your restaurant’s success with our exclusive email marketing tips blog.

Online Ordering and Delivery Platforms

By listing your restaurant on an online ordering platform, you can attract new customers from its existing base of diners. Moreso, you get to build a relationship with your customers long before they get to visit your physical restaurant. Check out two of the platforms that top the list.

8. OpenTable

OpenTable platform for restaurants

The first fact about OpenTable is that this platform has a vast network of over 2 billion diners across 20 countries. This implies that your restaurant has a massive opportunity for visibility. 

To get started on this online marketing for restaurants site, you can create a custom and consistent profile so potential customers can quickly identify your brand.

Analytics and reporting features also help you understand your customers’ dining habits and reservation patterns to better tailor your services to meet their needs.

9. Hi Auto

Hi Auto tool for restaurants

Hi Auto leverages the power of conversational AI to speak directly and meaningfully with customers. This solution is designed to help quick-service restaurants (QSR) to interact with diners smoothly. 

The voice recognition technology ensures that you take your client’s order accurately. Moreover, they wouldn’t have to wait unnecessarily anymore. It also informs your customers of new offers and additions to your menu, ultimately boosting their satisfaction with your brand.

Customer Loyalty Programs

There’s something satisfying about getting rewards that can keep customers loyal to you, so why not take advantage of the strategy? If you are unsure how it’s done, these tools will help you get started.

10. Stamped

Stamped customer loyalty program tool for restaurants

With Stamped, you can automate your plan to reward your best diners. This restaurant marketing solution uses AI to help you customize your loyalty program for your customers. For example, you can create tiers for existing customers and a referral plan to get new ones.

You can also set up VIP perks and a points system that incentivizes customers by showing them how their rewards grow as they patronize you. With all these, you get to enhance customer retention.

11. Punchh

Punchh, customer loyalty tool for restaurants

On Punchh, you can gather customer data to create promotions based on their ordering and spending patterns. This restaurant marketing tool aims to boost loyalty and repeat orders by creating personalized local promotions for diners. As a one-in-all platform, you can track your customers’ activities and even send them emails, all within the app.

Analytics and Reporting Tools

These analytics and reporting tools for restaurants help you make data-driven decisions while identifying critical areas of improvement:

12. Mandala Analytics

Mandala analytics tool for restaurants

Analyzing data could prove difficult, tedious, and overwhelming, but Mandala Analytics makes it easy to read and understand. You’ll get deep insight into your restaurants’ health using real-time data. Mandala AI is also designed to help you track your business’s social media profiles using a single dashboard. 

Armed with critical data, you can confidently make decisions to reach your goals. The insight mode and filter mentions help you get up-to-date reports. Finally, you can quickly gather and share all your campaign data with your team members and partners.

13. Oracle

Oracle analytics tool for restaurants

Oracle can provide detailed analytics for kitchen performance, delivery times, and revenue. This multinational computer technology corporation has real-time reporting and alerting systems that can be monitored on any device. Since you are aware of issues immediately they arise, you can quickly attend to your customers’ needs, which boosts their loyalty to your brand.

Boost Your Restaurant’s Reach Today

Feel free to integrate these restaurant automation tools into your marketing efforts to improve your business. Alongside boosting your reach to your customers, they also provide high-quality experiences for your diners. 

Moreover, they’ll take a lot of pressure off your neck without compromising your brand’s efficiency.

What are you waiting for? Explore these tools today. Contact us at Mandala AI to discover how we can help!

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