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Boost Your Social Listening Skills with the Right Tools

Boost Your Social Listening Skills with the Right Tools

Social listening is the process of monitoring the many different kinds of interactions that take place online and analyzing them in an effort to turn data into valuable insights for an organization. This involves tracking not only brand mentions but also a variety of specific keywords and phrases, industry terms, competitors’ brands, and much more. 

The goal of social listening is to better understand what preferences consumers have, how they interact with brands online, and how they perceive specific brands and products. This helps a brand better serve its existing customers, attract more new customers, influence the discussion favorably, and increase its reputation. 

Considering how many different social media platforms and online spaces there are and how many users frequent each every day, it can be difficult to monitor everything consumers are saying about just one topic of interest, let alone gain insight from it. 

Thankfully, there are social listening tools that organizations can use to track everything more easily and effectively. 

Here, we’ll be exploring everything you need to know about social listening tools and why your organization should be using them. 

A woman engaging in social listening using multiple tools to watch many websites and videos at once

Key Benefits of Social Listening Tools

  1. Real-Time Insights

Social listening tools enable businesses to be much more proactive by monitoring conversations happening in several online spaces in real time. This immediacy allows them to identify emerging trends and take advantage of them sooner in addition to detecting potential issues and responding to them before they negatively impact brand image. 

To put it simply, these tools make it easy for a brand to put its finger on the pulse of discussions around certain topics and industries. 

  1. Easier Tracking

Tools like Mandala AI’s Cosmos can keep track of more interactions on their own than a dedicated team of digital marketing specialists ever could hope to do so on their own. All you have to do is add an important channel or profile of interest and you’ll receive a stream of posts and updates – it’s that easy. 

  1. Make Better, Data-Driven Decisions

With the wealth of data that social listening tools can track and analyze, brands can make decisions with more confidence because they are backed by data. This data will enable them to make insights into everything from the state of the market to the minds of consumers, also allowing brands to find new opportunities they can take advantage of and areas of improvement they need to work on to better serve customers. All of this data can influence marketing strategies, new product launches, and so much more.

  1. Leverage Social Influencer Marketing

Social listening tools can show brands what kinds of users share their content or talk about their products and industry the most. This can help them identify social media influencers that make content these users like. Influencers that appeal to these niches can become brand ambassadors and promote certain products to their followers. This will expand the brand’s reach and credibility, while also improving its image. 

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  1. Reliable Brand Health Measurement

With social listening tools, brands have a plethora of both quantitative and qualitative data they can use to assess their brand perception among different audiences and demographics. Tracking this sentiment over time enables the brand to gauge how effective specific marketing campaigns and brand-building efforts were, confidently knowing what worked and what didn’t. 

  1. Localized Insights

Large brands that do business in multiple parts of the world might be able to easily determine what the overall perception of their brand is, but local sentiment can be much harder to identify. With the help of social listening tools that have geographically targeted tracking analysis, even the biggest brands can easily and more reliably understand how they are perceived in different parts of the world. 

  1. Product Feedback and Innovation

In addition to being used to understand how consumers perceive a brand as a whole, social listening tools can also be used to identify how they perceive products – and even specific aspects of certain products. By monitoring online conversations, engagement, and sentiment relating to their products, brands can gather valuable feedback from users regardless of if they were tagged or directly mentioned or not. Ideally, this feedback will be used to drive innovation and improvements that align with the needs and preferences of consumers. 

Mandala AI’s Social Listening Tools

Mandala AI offers a suite of advanced social listening tools that businesses of any size can use to better track and analyze all the conversations, interactions, and engagement that matter to them. Our tools are powered by artificial intelligence, making them the most reliable online listening solution available today.

Mandala Cosmos and Mandala Analytics combine to give brands everything they need to excel at social listening. Both offer a fun and collaborative way to work with data that will inspire new ideas and boost efficiency.

Someone listening to social media trends using their phone

Mandala Cosmos 

Mandala Cosmos is the best gateway platform for every aspect of social listening – brand monitoring, trend identification, keyword and hashtag tracking, and more. Teams can work more collaboratively than ever before with customized feeds and content streams that show them the data they value the most. 

Key aspects of Mandala Cosmos include:

  1. Ripples All-in-One Feed: Enables teams to get creative while still staying organized. “Playlists” created with Ripples make monitoring social media posts easy, displaying them side-by-side in a dashboard. 
  2. Filter and Analyze: From one dashboard, users can filter by keywords, view engagement stats over a specific date range, view original posts, and add channels. 
  3. Discover Now: This real-time feed of what’s popular in a specific industry is the go-to destination for identifying new trends before they explode in popularity. 
  4. Endless Customization: Cosmos enables users to view content in up to 50 different categories from all the most popular social media platforms.  

Mandala Analytics  

A woman using social listening tools to dive deeper into social media marketing

Thanks to the power of artificial intelligence, Mandala Analytics offers ready-to-use data that promotes content creation, social listening, and insight discovery. The broad set of relevant data is drawn from billions of conversations across practically every corner of the internet and provides up to a year of historical data for relevant topics and keywords. 

Key aspects of Mandala Analytics include: 

  1. Gain Business Intelligence: Take advantage of the limitless supply of valuable real-time market data and insights that social media and the internet provide to make more data-driven decisions. 
  2. In-Depth Insights Only a Few Clicks Away: Mandala Analytics is simple and can be used easily by anyone. Simply set up a campaign based on relevant keywords and the AI will gather thousands of mentions, displayed conveniently all in one place.  
  3. Relevant Information in Real-Time: Don’t miss out on anything with the most unfiltered and real-time consumer insights to reveal consumer insights, sentiments, and what’s trending.
  4. Data for any Requirements: Zoom in for a granular view or pull out for an extensive overview with insight mode in Analytics, get up-to-date reports, and filter mentions. No matter what you need to pull data for, you’ll find it conveniently right here. 
  5. Data Belongs to You: With Mandala Analytics, brands can take ownership of their data like never before. Gathered data can be sent and exported easily to their team and partners. 

Always know the full picture with Mandala AI’s powerful and easy-to-use social listening tools. Contact us to learn more about how our tools can benefit your brand today!

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