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18 Content Marketing Tips to Increase Engagement [2024]

18 Content Marketing Tips to Increase Engagement [2024]

Content marketing has helped many businesses create brand awareness, build trust, and educate their target audience. It also helps generate leads and boost conversions. 

A well-executed content strategy can help you achieve so much. But, like any aspect of digital marketing, content marketing isn’t static—it changes as technology, consumer preferences, and the digital economy evolve. That’s why you need to stay ahead of the curve.

This article highlights 18 of the best content marketing tips to help you make the most of your content marketing strategy in 2024.

18 Content Marketing Tips for 2024

Ready to take your digital strategy to the next level? Explore these 18 tips for content marketing:

1. Embrace AI-Driven Content Creation

The first content marketing tip is to capitalize on artificial intelligence. Generative AI like ChatGPT and Gemini now allows companies of all sizes to produce content at scale. Embrace these tools to gain a competitive advantage and make your content smarter and more scalable.

Using AI to assist content creation

A blend of humans and AI is crucial to efficient content at scale, so you will need experts who understand your brand voice, audience, and business goals to optimize AI’s output. AI won’t replace human content creators but will augment our abilities.

2. Understand Your Audience

The foundation of any successful content marketing strategy is understanding your audience and what they want. When you research your target audience, you will discover their pain points, goals, and habits. Then, you can create content that speaks directly to them.

Online listening and monitoring tools like Mandala AI can help you know your customers the easy way. All you need to do is enter keywords related to your product, service, or brand, and you’ll see who your potential customers are, what they want, and how to reach them.

3. Create Personalized Content 

In 2024, personalization is no longer a luxury – it’s a necessity. One of the best content marketing tips is to tailor your content to meet individual user preferences and behaviors. According to HubSpot research, 94 percent of marketers acknowledge that personalization boosts sales

From the data you gather from customer persona research, segment your audience into groups with similar characteristics. Consider using customers’ past purchase history or browsing behavior to recommend products or content they might be interested in.

personalized content example

4. Focus on Video Content

Video is dominating the digital space. Cisco said that 82 percent of all internet traffic will be online video starting in 2022. And this number will continue to rise thanks to streaming platforms and AI. Videos can engage users like no other content form.

Here are some ideas to try:

  • Create short explainers or product videos
  • Film behind-the-scenes tours
  • Host live Q&As 
  • Start a video blog (vlog) to build a personal brand

Whatever types of video you produce, make them mobile-friendly and shareable. 

5. Leverage Social Media

Jao brand social media account

Capitalizing on social media is another reliable content marketing advice to implement in 2024. Focus your efforts on platforms where your audience spends time. This is easy to know if you use Mandala AI for customer research

Generally, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and TikTok are the top social media platforms to market your content. Develop a content strategy for each platform, including types of content to share, when to post content, and how frequently you’d share them. Next, post engaging content, start discussions, and build connections.

6. Optimize Content For Voice Search and AI assistants

As more people use voice assistants like Siri or Alexa, optimizing your content for voice search becomes crucial. When crafting content, use natural language and a conversational tone.

Long-tail keywords are your best friends in the world of voice search. They are more specific and mimic the way people speak. Use these keywords to provide direct answers to common questions in your niche. Focus on one main topic or theme per content piece.

7. Optimize for Mobile

Did you know that 92.3 percent of internet users access the internet using a mobile phone? As mobile traffic constantly rises, you must optimize your content for mobile devices. Use responsive designs on your website or app so your content automatically adjusts to the user’s screen size.

Loading speed is another critical aspect of mobile optimization. Mobile users are often on the go, so make sure your content loads quickly. Compress images, minimize code, and use a fast hosting service. 

8. Prioritize Topics with Business Value

A best practice in content marketing is focusing your content efforts on topics that drive business value. Brainstorm what your audience finds most relevant and the content that will have the most significant impact.

If your business aims to build trust and loyalty, content that helps your audience solve problems (such as tutorials and how-to guides) should top your list. Case studies and testimonials are vital, too, to show real-life examples of how your product or service has helped others.

9. Use Storytelling 

Stories can make your audience laugh, cry, or express other feelings. This emotional connection can turn casual readers into loyal fans. Weave a narrative into your content and have your audience hooked like a fish on a line.

When crafting stories, focus on challenges, conflicts, and resolutions. Share the story behind your company’s founding or product development. Profile a customer and how your product changed their life. Stories give your content a heart and help you stand out from competitors.

10. Repurpose Your Content

Once you’ve created content, don’t let it go to waste. Look for ways to reuse it to reach new audiences and increase traffic. See how Mandala AI repurposed this video (How to Do Competitor Analysis) into a blog post: How to Do Competitor Analysis.

You can do the same, too. Turn your best-performing blog posts into an ebook, a podcast, a webinar, YouTube tutorials, or even bite-sized Instagram reels. The possibilities are endless.

11. Collaborate With Influencers

Collaborating with influencers is one of the most effective content marketing tips for 2024. According to Statista, 38 percent of brands have worked with ten influencers or less. These well-known online figures have a dedicated following, which you can tap into and attract new fans to your content.

Use any of these influencer search tools to discover and reach out to influencers in your industry, and propose collaborating on content like guest blog posts, podcasts, videos, or social media takeovers. 

12. Create Interactive Content

Creating interactive content is a great way to boost engagement and make a lasting impression on your readers. Interactive content, like quizzes, surveys, contests, and games, allows your audience to participate actively instead of passively reading.

Create a fun quiz to help readers determine which of your products or services best fits them. Or create a poll on Twitter or Instagram to collect feedback from your followers.

13. Create a Content Calendar

content calendar example

Building a content calendar is one of the best practices for creating a content marketing strategy. These tools will help keep you organized and ensure you publish content consistently. A calendar allows you to map out topics, assign writers or team members, and keep track of deadlines. 

You’ll want to plan for 3-6 months of content. Try including evergreen content that will be useful for a long time. Also, look for trending and seasonal topics to keep your content fresh and relevant.

14. Use Pillar Cluster Content Strategy

To future-proof your content marketing in 2024 and beyond, focus on pillar content and cluster content around each pillar. A pillar is a foundational topic in your industry that will remain relevant for years. 

Clustering boosts your SEO by creating topical authority and gives you more opportunities to rank for related search terms. Create a mix of long-form pillar content like blog posts, research reports, and videos, with cluster content like social posts, podcasts, and infographics on the same theme.

15. Incorporate User-generated Content

Have you heard of Apple’s “Shot on iPhone” campaign? iPhone users submit their best photos taken with an iPhone to showcase the high quality of Apple’s camera technology. This campaign is a perfect example of user-generated content. It’s authentic and boosts engagement.

Using user-generated content to boost engagement

You can do something similar with your business. Invite your followers and customers to get involved in content creation. Let them share their photos, stories, videos, reviews, and social shares on your blog or social media. This approach gives you fresh content that converts.

16. Keep Your Content Updated

Your content will start to seem stale if you don’t update it regularly. It may lose its SEO potential and turn users away if you don’t keep it fresh. While evergreen content has a long shelf life, it needs a refresh now and then. 

Update statistics, replace outdated examples, and reword sentences for a modern audience. Look for content that’s over a year old or has hardly gained much traffic recently. Boost these posts with updated info and keywords, or rework them into a new content piece on the same topic.

17. Create Long-form Content

Longer content like blog posts, ebooks, and video tutorials are essential for any content marketing strategy. These in-depth resources establish you as an industry authority while boosting your search rankings.

Aim for posts over 1,000 words or longer video content over 10 minutes. Share actionable tips, statistics, examples, and case studies. Long-form content gives you space to cover topics thoroughly and provide real value to your audience. 

18. Track Your Content Performance

marketing performance tracking

You need to track how each piece of content performs to see what’s working and not working with your content marketing. Look at metrics like pageviews, time on page, bounce rate, and social shares to determine popularity and engagement. 

Look at your social media or email service dashboards to track critical metrics. See what topics and formats resonate most with your audience so you can produce more of the good stuff. 

Content Marketing Success

As more brands and marketers try to grow their presence on the internet, content marketing will soar like never before. But the future looks bright for those willing to learn the best content marketing tips and apply them. 

Focus on providing value, optimizing for discovery, and connecting with your audience. Take advantage of technologies and data to stay ahead of the curve. Thankfully, Mandala AI is here to provide critical insights into various aspects of your content marketing strategy. 

The best part is that you can use it free for 15 days. What are you waiting for? Create your free account today.

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