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25 Content Topics You Can Write About in 2023

25 Content Topics You Can Write About in 2023

The content writing industry is booming with lots of potential for growth and innovation. With 97 percent of marketers saying that content writing is vital in marketing, it’s clear that the industry is an inevitable aspect of marketing across all spheres of the corporate world.

As a beginner writing content, it might be challenging to break into the content writing industry because of the high level of competition – that’s trying to beat millions of other writers seeking to stake their claims in the industry.

However, you can start by finding the perfect content writing ideas to help you build thought leadership over time. These content writing topics will help you achieve your career or business goals, whether it’s visibility, job opportunities, or marketing purposes.

Aside from becoming visible to potential clients or creating marketing campaigns, writing consistently can also help you build a strong portfolio that will attract potential clients and make them want to hire you.

In this post, we have curated a list of 25 niche content topics for article writing to help you kickstart your content writing journey and achieve your goals. Plus, these sample topics for content writing are the most trending topics in writing in 2023.

Let’s dive deeper!

What are the Top 25 Content Topics You Can Write About in 2023?

1. Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is a large industry projected to reach nearly $800 billion by 2026. The industry itself comprises several other independent industries, including email marketing, social media marketing, and search engine optimization (SEO).

Some trending blog topics for beginners you could write about are 

  • 8 steps to build an omnichannel marketing strategy
  • Is billboard marketing more effective than email marketing?

2. Cryptocurrency

The cryptocurrency rave started with Bitcoin in 2009. Since then, the industry has grown into a trillion-dollar industry. Besides, there are lots of opportunities for writers in the cryptocurrency industry, with trending topics such as crypto trading, arbitrage, NFTs, airdrops, and much more.

You can write about topics like

  • 7 reasons why cryptocurrencies are better than traditional banking systems 
  • How to create your own NFT and sell it like a pro

3. SEO Writing

SEO-optimized writing is hot and evergreen for one reason: the potential of acquiring many customers through search engines, without investing a dime, is very high. That’s the reason why companies invest heavily in an SEO content strategy.

You can be valuable to companies seeking the top spot on Google by learning how to write content optimized for SEO. As you build professionalism in this area, potential clients will look for you to help them create content that ranks high on search engines.

4. E-commerce Writing

As of 2022, the e-commerce industry was valued at about $16.6 trillion with a projected 27.43% compound annual growth rate (CAGR) between 2023 and 2028. There are many topics you can explore in this profitable industry.

Writing opportunities for content writers in the e-commerce industry include product descriptions, sales page writing, and comparison articles.

5. eBook Writing or Ghostwriting

eBook writing cuts across multiple industries, from story writing to cookbooks, how-to guides, and more. If you want to develop your skill in this area, you’ll have lots of topics to write about.

Some blog ideas for beginners in this industry include:

  • A complete guide to crocheting
  • 100 CBD recipes beneficial for your mental health
  • All you need to know about Clickbank

6. Email Marketing

This aspect of digital marketing is very popular, as it is a major client-acquisition strategy used by every two out of three marketers for distributing content organically. You can write explore a topic for writing in this industry, such as:

  • How to increase organic leads through email marketing
  • 7 email marketing secrets that can make your business successful

7. Healthcare and Medical Writing

Health is a necessity, and content creation on this side is here for long. Being a vast industry with frequent innovation and development, you can never run out of topics as a health writer. Try choosing a definite niche like:

  • Mental health
  • Sexual health
  • Health technology
  • Medical devices, etc.

8. AI Writing

You might say AI is a disruptive innovation that threatens content writing and many other industries, but many people want to learn about AI. Study the industry and begin storytelling in content creation on the subject. You’ll find a large audience willing to hear you.

Topics you could talk about are

  • How to use AI to improve your content generation techniques
  • Will AI replace content writers in the future?

9. Newsletter Writing

Businesses use newsletters to follow up with prospects on their email list. The purpose of a newsletter ranges from nurturing customers at their respective stages in the marketing funnel, to announcing new features, products, and discounts.

You can develop expertise in this niche and help businesses write compelling newsletters for their target audiences.

10. Sales Letters

Like newsletters, businesses use sales letters to compel their prospects to make buying decisions. While the most common medium for sales letters is emails, many marketers write sales letters as landing pages, e-flyers, or even a hard copy print.

You’ll need to hone your copywriting skills to excel in this area. We recommend studying Apple’s sales letters to gain insight into crafting a compelling one for your clients.

11. Personal Finance Writing

The money industry is undoubtedly lucrative. Many people are looking for resources to help them build their finances, get out of debt, become wealthy, and much more.

Key areas of personal finance you could leverage are:

  • How to get out of debts
  • How to become a millionaire before age 30
  • Best investment strategies to make your first million

12. Self-Help and Motivation

The self-help and motivation industry has seen tremendous growth over the years and is set to hit a global market value of $60 billion by 2028. If inspiring people to take charge of their lives comes naturally to you, this might be a content writing niche to focus on.

You can start by building a website and then curating motivational blog writing topics on the website regularly.

13. Scriptwriting

Ever enjoyed watching scripted videos on YouTube or other video marketing platforms, there’s a content writer behind that! If you have a knack for taking people through all shades of emotions, from sober to exhilarated, angry, etc., this might be your calling.

Continue to develop your skills in this area and look out for opportunities to showcase your gift.

14. Real Estate

With a projected $616.30 trillion global market value this year, the real estate market will likely be profitable for years. As a content writer in the real estate industry, there are lots of opportunities for you.

Examples of topics in the real estate industry:

  • 7 steps to successfully flip your home
  • How to build a real estate developer career
  • What is the difference between a realtor and a real estate developer?

15. Software-as-a-Service (SaaS)

SaaS was an innovative idea that replaced the challenge of installing software through hardware devices like CD ROMS, flash drives, or diskettes. With technological advancements, companies began to host software on their servers. This process is called Software as a Service.

You can look for SaaS companies around you and help them write about their SaaS products to their target audience.

16. B2B Writing

A short form of business-to-business writing, the B2B writing niche focuses on content written by a business selling services to another business. If you’re able to master the tone and style of this kind of writing, it’s a good content writing idea you can start.

Some titles commonly written by B2B companies include:

  • 7 Benefits of using Mandala Analytics for your social media business
  • Why do architecture companies need to deploy their data centers to the cloud 

17. Listicle Writing

Listicles are common for articles that require a list. It could be about any topic and in any industry. A typical listicle may be in any of the forms below:

  • The 7 best writing topics to aid your marketing efforts in 2023
  • Top 13 time-tracking devices for your remote team
  • 7 ad automation platforms you can trust in 2023
  • Top 10 most scary sea creatures you never knew about

18. Product Review Writing

As new products are released regularly, buyers have a primary concern, which is not to fall prey to inferior products. Product reviewers have first-hand experience using specific products, and they share their experience with others who may be interested.

As a product review writer, your job is to write an honest review of a product after using it. You’ll be expected to talk about the features, advantages, and disadvantages, and probably compare with a similar product.

19. Social Media Writing

Marketing on social media is a serious business, as the space currently hosts over 4.9 billion active users with the tendency of reaching 5.85 billion by 2027. Writing on social media is intricate because you’ll have to learn how to engage your audience on each platform. 

Additionally, you’ll have to play with the algorithm of each social media platform to get results. Using a tool like Mandala Cosmos can help simplify your social media content writing journey.

20. Press Release Writing

Writing press releases is another important content writing job. Companies and businesses use press releases to make public announcements about their products, services, or other information that concerns the general public. If you have a keen interest in journalism, this is a line you may want to explore.

21. Technical Writing

Technical writing is a highly misunderstood niche, mainly because most people assume it’s the same as technology writing topics. Although technical writing is commonly applied to technology blog topics, other sectors like banking, agriculture, medicine, etc. may use technical writing.

The idea behind this writing niche is to be able to break down industry jargon for a layman to quickly understand. If you want to be involved in technical writing, focus on an industry and learn the language.

Typical examples of technical writing are API documentation, service descriptions, user guides, etc.

22. Travel Writing

If you enjoy traveling or exploring different places, you might do well in travel writing. Travel writers create content about different places, cultures, foods, languages, and other exciting discoveries beyond their country’s shores.

Typical topics in this niche are

  • 10 best relaxation centers in Europe
  • How to make the most of your holiday in the Bahamas
  • 7 fun places you can try on your vacation in Indonesia

23. Website Content Writing

Website content writing applies to any form of content on a website, including the homepage, about us, contact us, services, etc. You must brush up your copywriting skills to excel in this area.

Nevertheless, website content writing is a high-in-demand content writing title, especially for businesses trying to establish a solid online presence. Some website topics for beginners may include writing the homepage for a small home-cleaning service.

24. Whitepaper Writing

When businesses are about to launch, they create whitepapers to show their goals, plans, roadmap, and execution strategy. Whitepapers can be anywhere between 3-20 pages, but they must also include visual content creation. Learning how to write whitepapers for businesses is a good place to start your creative content writing journey.

25. Academic Writing

Do you enjoy writing papers, thesis, and other research work? Academic writing might be a perfect fit for you. This aspect of content writing takes a more academic and formal approach when presenting a topic. 

Examples are

  • Prediction of the life span of African crude oil reserves using Hubberts’ Model
  • How the traditional banking industry is threatened by the rise of cryptocurrencies and possible remediations to this challenge


Navigating the content writing industry as an entry-level beginner writer is not as simple as ABC. You’ll have to compete with millions of other writers – some of them are probably very sophisticated.

Despite the competition in the industry, there’s room for growth and success even if you’re just starting. Selecting any of the content writing tips for beginners we shared and building expertise over time can help you succeed in the industry.

When it comes to writing for social media, you can trust Mandala AI to guide you into creating successful campaigns consistently. Contact us for more information!

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