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18 FOMO Marketing Ideas to Boost Sales in 2024 [With Examples]

18 FOMO Marketing Ideas to Boost Sales in 2024 [With Examples]

Ever felt that rush of adrenaline, that pang of fear that you might miss out on a golden opportunity if you don’t act swiftly? That’s the powerful force known as FOMO, Fear of Missing Out.

Now, picture channeling this potent energy into boosting your business growth. Welcome to the fast-paced scene of FOMO Marketing: a savvy strategy to elevate your sales game to new heights.

For business owners hungry for success, buckle up as we share some FOMO Marketing ideas to boost your conversion in this article. Don’t miss out!

What is FOMO Marketing?

FOMO, short for Fear of Missing Out, is a widespread phenomenon in today’s digital age where people are constantly plugged into social media and information streams. It’s the anxiety that something exciting or interesting is happening elsewhere, and you’re not a part of it.

Fear of Missing Out marketing is a powerful strategy used to incentivize sales. It’s built on three key pillars: Social Proof, Urgency, and Scarcity. These elements instill a fear in consumers that they may miss out on something big if they don’t act quickly. This is often seen in viral campaigns that encourage customers to buy a product because everyone else is doing so.

18 FOMO Marketing Ideas

1. Flashsale

In the world of online shopping, nothing gets the heart racing like a Flash Sale. Being commonly known as ‘limited-time offers’, this type of promotion makes buyers feel like they’re in a thrilling race against time. 

These sales are all about quick decisions since they offer discounted products for a short period. They are especially popular with online stores that have lots of items or trendy products.

limited stock level example

Pro Tip

Keep your Flash Sale short—no more than 2 hours. If it’s a super-discounted or hot-selling item, consider squeezing it down to just 1 hour. This not only adds pressure but also helps customers decide faster.

2. Limited Stock Levels

Secondly, let’s move to another element of FOMO Marketing: Scarcity. Expanding FOMO Marketing also involves playing up the scarcity card, specifically highlighting the limited stock of your products. 

back in stockexample

Demonstrating a steady decline in stock levels acts as subtle social proof, signaling to potential customers that many others are snapping up your goods. The idea here is that if they don’t place an order pronto, those sought-after items might vanish from the shelves. 

Alongside showcasing diminishing stock levels, consider adding FOMO ads like ‘Hurry up before it’s gone!’ to crank up the urgency factor.

3. Back in Stock Message

Did you know? Over half of online shoppers worldwide shared that they couldn’t finish their purchases because the products were out of stock.

And guess what? The FOMO Marketing magic doesn’t end when things run out! We use the phrase ‘Back in Stock’ to keep the excitement alive. This message quietly says that the product just flew off the shelves because it’s crazy popular. So, here’s another chance for buyers to snag it before it disappears again.

You can play with how you talk about ‘Back in Stock’ in different ways. It doesn’t have to be super fancy, but it should feel like a powerful message. Like, ‘Your favorite item is back in stock – Don’t miss out!’ or ‘Our bestselling shoes are back; limited quantities available.’

back in stock message example

4. Bundle Upsale

When you buy things in larger quantities, the price per item goes down. So, to give your customers that extra nudge, consider suggesting bundles that include items from different categories but still fit their needs. It’s like saying, ‘Pay a bit more, but get a whole lot in return’ – making it a deal they won’t want to miss.

This bundling strategy can easily go hand in hand with other tactics that create that fear of missing out. Think about adding complimentary items or extra perks to your promotions. 

free gift example

For example, during a flash sale or an exclusive offer for your loyal customers, you could offer a bundle like a ‘shoe cleaning kit’ at a discounted rate when they buy a pair of shoes. Or if you’re a spa owner, offering customers a bundled ‘wellness package’ could present an attractive proposition, where opting for both a massage and a sauna is way more budget-friendly than buying each service separately. 

5. Free Gift with Purchases

FOMO, with a dash of scarcity and urgency, really comes to life with the enticing concept of a ‘Free Gift.’ Let’s be honest, who doesn’t love getting something for free? (Unless you want to argue otherwise.)

And when you add a time limit to it—turning it into a Limited-time Offer—it becomes a retail magic trick that always works. This psychological promotion not only makes people crave the freebie even more but also encourages them to meet the promo criteria.

You’ve probably come across Free Gift with Purchases quite a bit, especially at beauty spots like Sephora. They often throw in testers or freebies, encouraging customers to try out other goodies in the collection or around the store. If customers really enjoy the freebies we offer, chances are they might come back to buy more, happily spending their own cash. It’s like hitting the bullseye with just one shot!

free gift example

6. Special Early-bird Offers

Don’t worry, we won’t pry into your age here, but if you’ve ever tuned in to TV shopping, you’ve probably heard something like, ‘For the first 100 callers right now, snag a special deal with a whopping 60% off!’ let’s be honest, that’s a timeless FOMO move that still gets us every time. 

In the entertainment world, they often use this tactic, giving away freebies or offering exclusive gifts to the first 100 people, creating a buzz for folks to jump in quickly. Similarly, businesses might opt for strategies like providing special discounts for customers who subscribe via email.

special early-bird offers example

7. Exit-Intent Widget

This might sound a bit technical, as it involves playing with an exit-intent widget — a pop-up message that appears when users are about to close the tab.

Usually, the exit-intent widget we often encounter is a subscription popup with a lead magnet. This means offering special deals like ‘Sign up now and grab a free e-book’ or ‘Enjoy a 20% discount on your first order’ or even enticing Free Shipping offers.

exit-intent widget example

Alternatively, businesses can tap into emotional connections by saying things like ‘We genuinely care about you and the world. Reach out to us whenever you need assistance.’ All of this comes with an easy-to-spot signup button.

8. Countdown Timer

Let’s talk about ramping up urgency by playing with ‘time,’ making customers feel like time is ticking, similar to the giant countdown clocks in Times Square during events like New Year’s. 

You can amp up your FOMO Marketing by adding a timer alongside CTA buttons in special promotions, like ‘Shop Now’ or ‘Order Now.’ It’s a way to create an extended sense of urgency for your audience.

countdown timer example

9. Missed Opportunities Message

Here’s another clever trick to make things urgent and scarce: talk about ‘Missing Opportunities.’ It’s all about stirring up that competitive spirit for folks still deciding whether to make a purchase.

missed opportunities message example

Take travel sites like Agoda,, or Airbnb, for example. You’ll often see messages saying you’ve missed out on a fantastic deal if you don’t decide to buy now. Or they might say something like, ‘There are 15 other people looking at this hotel on our website. Book now before it’s gone.’

10. Exclusive Promotion

Creating a sense of exclusivity is a smart FOMO move that really works, especially nowadays when people love getting special offers and feeling appreciated as valued customers. This not only makes deciding to buy easier but also builds a stronger sense of loyalty. 

Exclusive deals are usually for brand members, offering them special prices or unique promotions that don’t happen often but feel more special than the ones available to everyone.


Again, think about Sephora and their ‘Beauty Pass’ membership program. They sort members into different levels like silver, black, and gold based on how much they’ve bought. Then, each level gets its own exclusive promotions or discounts, making customers feel special and rewarding their loyalty.

11. Limit Free Shipping 

While online shopping has become the go-to for many products, the reluctance to pay shipping fees remains. That’s why offering ‘free shipping’ is a highly appealing and valuable FOMO tactic for today’s online buyers. Implementing this in a limited-time fashion strikes a balance, creating urgency without overwhelming buyers, and providing them with the flexibility to make the decision within the set timeframe.

free shipping example

12. UGC Content

After diving into Urgency and Scarcity, let’s talk about ‘Social Proof.’

Many consumers may still feel unsure about buying from us, perhaps not knowing our brand well or having concerns about online scams.

To build trust, showcasing content from real users of our products or services can make a big impact. Your business can create fun activities or use catchy hashtags to encourage users to share their experiences, creating User-Generated Content (UGC) that adds a personal and trustworthy touch to your brand.

ugc content

13. Product Rating Content

Absolutely, sometimes User-Generated Content (UGC) needs to go hand in hand with content that feels real and relatable to truly highlight the authenticity of ‘Social Proof.’

product rating, customer testimonials example

It’s not just about posting plain pictures. So, in many cases, it’s helpful to include review scores or customer testimonials to convey genuine customer experiences. Transform these into quoted reviews or share real review scores from actual customers, not AI-generated ones.

14. Bestsellers Catalogue

bestsellers catalogue example

When it comes to shopping, we all know how overwhelming it can be with so many choices. The paradox of choices often leaves consumers hesitating and taking a long time to make decisions.

 To make things easier for them, with a touch of social proof, having sections or categories on your shopping page that showcase bestsellers can be a game-changer. This not only helps highlight the standout features of your products but also provides a sense of what others are loving. It’s like a friendly nudge in the right direction for potential buyers who might be feeling a bit lost in the sea of options.

To take it a step further, think about creating a personalized product catalog. Features like ‘You May Also Be Interested In’ or ‘Your Recently Purchased’ can add a personalized touch to the shopping experience.

15. KOL Marketing

Enhance your brand’s trustworthiness by collaborating with Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs) or Influencers who have a significant impact on consumer choices.

kol marketing example

Nowadays, this approach serves as a powerful means to demonstrate to consumers that even industry stars are opting for your products. The underlying message is straightforward: “If these influencers are choosing us, why would you want to miss out?”

When choosing influencers, it’s essential to consider the right tier — whether it’s nano, micro, or macro influencers — aligned with your specific goals. Additionally, selecting influencers with a niche and content style that resonates with your brand is crucial for a successful KOL marketing campaign.

16. Content Marketing

Remember, reaching your audience in the right way is key to success. Effective communication is crucial, and FOMO marketing only works when your message resonates where your customers are most likely to notice it. 

To make a lasting impact, pair FOMO tactics with consistent content marketing. Craft messages that not only build brand awareness but also highlight your values. This combination reinforces FOMO marketing in a sustainable and meaningful manner. 

content calendar
social media content calendar

17. Trigger FOMO with Images

To elevate your FOMO message, remember to include visuals or images consistently to enhance the engagement of your content. These images should ideally feature your actual products or be related to your brand, increasing the visual appeal to attract more attention. Ensure that the pictures are of high quality and creatively crafted to make your brand look good and more trustworthy

trigger fomo with images

18. Email Marketing

To conclude the article, here’s another essential strategy for B2B brands or those placing a premium on consistent lead generation and long-term customer relationships.

Email marketing stands out as a timeless and impactful approach. It plays a crucial role in enhancing the personalization aspect of all the FOMO strategies mentioned above.

email marketing example

The Power of FOMO 

FOMO Marketing has three main ingredients: Urgency, Scarcity, and Social Proof. The cool thing is, that you can mix and match various ideas at the same time—no need to stick to just one. 

But don’t forget to keep things flexible and make sure your customers have a comfy shopping experience. Don’t go overboard with FOMO, though; you want your customers to feel excited, not overwhelmed, and look at other options that seem more welcoming.

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