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20 Viral Videos on Social Media in 2023

20 Viral Videos on Social Media in 2023

The pathway to viral video success remains a mystery, often punctuated by unpredictability and surprise. Despite the most meticulous planning and strategic foresight, the content that truly resonates with the digital audience can be an unanticipated dark horse, unassumingly crafted, yet profoundly impactful.

As we traverse the digital landscape in 2023, the power of video content has emerged as a dominant force, both in entertainment and marketing arenas. The average weekly viewership has experienced an astounding increase of 17 hours, underscoring the compelling influence of video content. To make you leave this article with some flowing creative juices for content creation, we compiled 20 viral videos on social media in 2023 for you here!

1. the Sky High Mascara Express 

Maybelline New York, a prominent cosmetics brand from the United States, has captured the attention of social media users with an innovative marketing campaign for its ‘Sky High Mascara Express’. This unique promotional strategy incorporated false eyelashes affixed to the front of a train, complemented by an oversized 3D mascara wand protruding from a background advertisement. As the train enters the station, the wand’s brush interacts with the rubber lashes, creating a visually engaging and distinctive promotional spectacle.

This audacious, larger-than-life campaign strategy has elicited laughter and attracted considerable interest. The campaign’s video shared on Instagram, has accumulated over 67.2 million views, 2.4 million likes, and 19.6K comments, with viewers expressing lots of reactions.

2. Barbie The Movie Teaser

The film “Barbie” had a strategic digital marketing rollout, with the main teaser debuting on YouTube around 60 days prior. This video content generated significant user engagement, as evidenced by the 61 million views and 32,000 comments it has accumulated thus far. The success of this campaign can be attributed to the effective use of social media platforms and interactive marketing techniques.

The trend known as ‘BarbieCore’ has also played a significant role in capturing the audience’s attention. This trend, which blends elements of nostalgia with the aesthetic appeal of Barbie, has created a large amount of buzz among fans and followers.

3. Duolingo’s Teacher that I would replace my teacher with 

Duolingo, the language learning application, has made notable strides in leveraging TikTok again. Their content piece titled “Teacher that I would replace my teacher with” went viral, garnering over 4 million views, 769.1K likes, and 14.2K comments. Duolingo’s consistent ability to create engaging, shareable content has resulted in several videos achieving millions of views on TikTok.


Stop reading this caption and go do your lesson. 👹👹👹👹

♬ original sound – Duolingo

4. Zach King’s Harry Potter illusion

‘What’s the most viewed TikTok video in the world’ You Asked. We answer with the  “Harry Potter Illusion” video, crafted by Zach King, which reigns supreme. This astoundingly executed illusion, featuring King seemingly defying gravity on a broomstick, has made significant waves, accumulating in excess of 2.1 billion views and a whopping 22 million likes.

King, a recognized virtuoso of online magic, ingeniously unveils the mechanics of his trick at the end. His digital prowess has propelled him to the sixth position on the global ranking of most-followed individuals on TikTok, with a follower base surpassing 78 million.

Moreover, in 2022, King’s remarkable accomplishment was acknowledged by Guinness, adding another accolade to his impressive portfolio. 

@zachking They rejected my application to Hogwarts but I still found a way to be a wizard. 🧹#illusion #magic #harrypotter ♬ Zach Kings Magic Broomstick – Zach King

5. Charlidamelio doing back tuck

Charli D’Amelio, a renowned influencer on the social media platform TikTok, made history as the first individual to amass over 100 million followers at the tender age of 16. Specializing in the creation of engaging and entertaining content, D’Amelio has successfully tapped into the zeitgeist of what TikTok users are seeking – fun and lighthearted content.

In 2023, a video of hers went viral, featuring nothing more than a simple physical exercise, a bridge stretch. However, it astonishingly pulled in over 43.7 million views and received 3.2 million likes. This serves as a testament to the fact that virality doesn’t necessarily stem from grandiose efforts; sometimes, simplicity resonates most.

As an American social media figure, D’Amelio has leveraged her competitive dancing skills to become the top-earning female personality on TikTok in 2019. She holds the record for the most followed account on TikTok, also ranking second in terms of earnings across all accounts on the platform.

@charlidamelio dc @Olivia Alboher ♬ Conceited – user92326472954

6. Zoe Gabriel & Her first luxury bag ‘Charles & Keith’ 

Zoe Gabriel, a previously unknown TikTok user, entered the spotlight due to a video she posted about her inaugural ‘Luxury Bag’ – a product from Charles & Keith that her father had gifted her. This video drew a considerable amount of critical commentary since Zoe classified Charles & Keith as a high-end brand. In response, Zoe created additional videos, which rapidly gained traction and garnered a substantial viewership. Despite the initial negative reactions, Zoe’s engagement with her audience led to an unexpected outcome: she was appointed as the Brand Community Ambassador for Charles & Keith.

This appointment was part of a campaign celebrating International Women’s Day, an annual event observed on March 8th. While Zoe decided to remove the original video, the influence she exerted is still evident this year.

7. The Underdogs: Swiped Mac | Apple at Work

In response to ongoing critiques about its product security, Apple has crafted a compelling video campaign, ‘Swiped Mac’. This captivating eight-minute visual narrative charts the journey of a team striving to recover a stolen Mac before it falls into the wrong hands – a race against time that’s as thrilling as it is informative.

The video serves as a comprehensive showcase of Apple’s robust security measures. It spotlights features like Face ID and Touch ID biometric authentication, the foolproof system of passwords and passkeys, and the ironclad Secure Enclave. It also highlights the utility of MDM Remote Lock and Remote Wipe, end-to-end encryption, and the powerful ‘Erase This Device’ command for remote device management.

This creative approach to product education is geared towards reinstating Apple enthusiasts’ faith in the brand’s commitment to security. And it seems to be working, with the video amassing a staggering 51 million views in just under two weeks since its release.

8. Nike 

In the 2023 digital ecosystem, Nike adeptly utilized a diverse array of social media channels to amplify their brand presence and foster robust user engagement. Their strategic investment in short-form video content, disseminated across TikTok, YouTube Shorts, and Instagram Reels, was a tactical maneuver aligned with the burgeoning trend of bite-sized entertainment.

A notable illustration of their forward-thinking approach was an Instagram Reel designed to market their women’s football shoes. This captivating content piece wove a narrative of a father-child duo bonding over football. The plot took an unexpected turn when the father slipped on a banana peel, propelling the story 24 years into the future, where various triumphant female football athletes were showcased, all donning Nike shoes.

With an impressive 16.7 million views and 169,277 likes, this campaign surfaced as one of Nike’s most triumphant in 2023, underscoring the potency of innovative, short-form content in contemporary digital marketing strategies.

9. Dina Kalanta 

Many might not immediately recall the name of this individual, but upon viewing her video clips, they’d undoubtedly be taken aback. This is in reference to Dina Kalanta––an innovative barista who gained popularity through her signature phrase ‘Perfect’, used after sampling an array of her self-crafted fruit-based beverages. Her imaginative and appealing content has captivated a large audience, inspiring them to experiment with their own ‘Duet Content’. This led to one of her videos going viral. Her collaboration with official.therose resulted in a significant influx of viewership, with the count exceeding 54.7 million views accompanied by a plethora of comments. Dina’s repertoire also includes numerous other viral videos that continue to resonate with viewers and maintain daily engagement.

@dina_kalanta #duet with @official.therose ♬ 오리지널 사운드 – official.therose

10. Uncle Rodger

Uncle Rodger, a renowned Malaysian comedic figure and YouTube content producer, is well-known among online culinary aficionados. His content niche lies in the humorous critique and parody of Asian cooking videos from creators of diverse ethnic backgrounds. Uncle Rodger’s humor, characterized by its incisive wit, particularly shines when he jests about Asian culinary elements and crafts comedic imitations of genuine scenarios, consistently drawing laughter from his audience. His most viewed video, which has achieved viral status, is a critique of a young blonde man’s attempt at preparing fried rice. This review exudes an endearing charm, akin to receiving a lesson from an uncle, that invariably brings a smile to viewers’ faces. The video has amassed over 81.7 million views and has seen substantial dissemination across various social media platforms.

@mrnigelng Youngest uncle ever? #uncleroger #kid #friedrice ♬ original sound – Nigel Ng (Uncle Roger)

11. Angelo Kardashian Family 

Angelo Marasigan, an emerging digital content creator, has gained significant recognition on the social media platform TikTok, where he operates two accounts: @_angelomarasigan and @luismarasigan. He has successfully attracted hundreds of thousands of followers and accumulated millions of likes through his creative content, which primarily consists of comedic parodies, dramatic performances, and vocal impersonations.

A key element of his work involves satirizing well-known American TV shows, such as ‘Keeping Up With The Kardashians’, thereby resonating with a global audience. One particular video on his @_angelomarasigan account has remarkably achieved over 73.1 million views, contributing significantly to his total view count of 233.1 million.

@_angelomarasigan So much drama about the shower 😬 (ib:@Bomanizer) #kardashians #kuwtk #realitytvshow #realitytvshows #comedytrending ♬ original sound – Angelo

12. Accent Queen Sarah Valentine’s #Youaregrounded

Taking a deep dive into the world of accents, Sarah Valentine, better known as the Accent Queen on TikTok, has garnered widespread attention. Her claim to fame? Saying “You are grounded” in 26 different accents. From American to British to New Zealand accents, her unique talent has amassed more than 29 million views, sparking delight and intrigue among viewers. Her content is not just entertaining but also insightful, shedding light on the fascinating diversity of language and pronunciation around the globe.

@actorsaccentcoach Replying to @Lost #youaregrounded #accentqueen #sarahvalentine #actor #actors #dialectcoach #accentcoach #accentcoaching #accentchallenge #dialectcoaching #actress #accentcoachsarahvalentine #learnaccents #actorslife #dialects #accenthelp #accents #accentmasterclass #actorsaccentcoach #AmericanAccent #generalamerican #generalamericanaccent #StandardBritishAccent #DevonshireAccent #GermanAccent #ScottishAccent #geordieAccent #brummieAccent #YorkshireAccent #ScouseAccent #IrishAccent #RussianAccent #CockneyAccent, #SouthAfricanAccent #NorthernIrishAccent #NewZealandAccent #KiwiAccent #BritishRP #BritishRPAccent #NewYorkAccent #AustralianAccent #WelshAccent #FrenchAccent #SouthernAccent #JamaicanAccent #westCountryAccent #SpanishAccent #CanadianAccent #DutchAccent ♬ You are grounded – Accent Queen Sarah Valentine

13. The Police Show up Due to My Wig

In another viral sensation, a TikTok video from @itsgoneviral captures a hilarious incident involving a wig and the police. The video, which has attracted over 69.1 million views and 10.3 likes, shows the police knocking on a woman’s door due to a reported hairpiece stuck behind her car. The twist: It’s her wig that had accidentally been left there. This unexpected comedy had both the homeowner and the police in stitches.

@itsgoneviral It got trapped in my car trunk 🎥classymelita via ARK Media #wig #ringcamera #funny #police #caughtoncamera ♬ original sound – It's Gone Viral

14. Ballerinafarm’s Sourdough Flatbread Grilled Cheese

On Instagram, Hannah from @BallerinaFarm, the winner of Mrs. Utah 2021, shares snippets of her simple, country life. Her homemade cooking videos, featuring her seven adorable children helping (or hindering) her, have proven popular. One such video, featuring the preparation of a Sourdough Flatbread Grilled Cheese, has received over 39.4 million views and over a million likes–offering viewers a heartwarming glimpse into her wholesome family life.

15. 100 Years Of Men’s Hair

@lucamornet’s “100 Years Of Men’s Hair” video series on Instagram Reel takes viewers on a visual journey through a century of men’s hairstyles. With each hairstyle reflecting the trends and historical context of its time, the series has resonated with viewers, garnering over 38.8 million views. The viral video series not only entertains but also educates viewers about the evolution of men’s fashion and societal norms over the past 100 years.

16. Notorious Foodie

In Facebook Watch, a platform not necessarily known for its celebrity creators, one name that has managed to rise above the rest is Notorious Foodie. His culinary content, brimming with enthusiasm and creativity, is a joy to watch. The trademark ending – a napkin tossed toward the camera after a satisfying taste test – adds an element of fun to his videos. One of his most popular clips, “Home Cooking Sessions: Herb-crusted Rack of Lamb,” has managed to garner over 50 million views and nearly a million likes, proving his virality in the digital space.

17. Surthycooks’s 1 Pizza = 1 Smile

Surthycooks, a prominent figure on TikTok hailing from Lebanon, takes a stand against food wastage often seen in food-related content on the platform. She’s a staunch advocate for nutritious eating and aims to provide good food for all, focusing her efforts on the less fortunate. Her impactful video ‘1 Pizza = 1 Smile’ challenges the trend of extravagant cheese pizzas, featuring her making pizzas for underprivileged children instead. This heartwarming clip has amassed over 142 million views and 20.3 million likes.

@surthycooks 1 pizza = 1 smile #pizzarecipe #pizza #venezuela ♬ Where Is The Love for Ukraine by Lauren Amour – Lauren Amour

18. Jason Derulo Meets Window Washers on 87th Floor

Jason Derulo, known to many as the voice behind the viral hit song ‘Savage Love’, has transitioned into a popular TikTok creator. He consistently produces engaging content that captivates his audience. One such video features him interacting with window washers on the 87th floor of a skyscraper, providing them with words of encouragement.


This is amazing to me

♬ Slow Low – Jason Derulo

19. Victor Wembanyama’s First Pick in The 2023 NBA Draft

The NBA’s been rocking it on social media––especially TikTok. There’s this viral video that’s been making the rounds where Victor Wembanyama flips out after getting the first dibs in the 2023 NBA Draft. This one moment, seen by a whopping 10 million fans, really shows just how big of a deal social media is in the sports world.

@nba The moment. 🥹🇫🇷 #nbadraft #nba #basketball #sports #victorwembanyama #wemby #france #firstpick #sanantonio #spurs

20. Janelleandkate’s Mcdonald’s Secret

The TikTok duo, Janelleandkate, have totally shaken up the internet with their mum’s quirky McDonald’s dessert hack. The trick is simple yet genius–order six soft-serve ice cream cones, smash them up on a tray, and then sprinkle your favorite toppings all over. This cool spin on an old classic has gone mega-viral, racking up over 9.8 million views. It’s not just fun to watch, it’s also a sweet source of inspiration for foodies and a major publicity win for good old McDonald’s.

@janelleandkate Moms share McDonalds secret! 🍪🍦 #mcdonalds #mcdonaldshacks #momsoftiktok ♬ Fancy Like – Walker Hayes

Among these 20 viral videos, whether they’re generated by well-established brands, influential content creators, or everyday internet users, continue to be a mysterious element in the world of online media. Despite the unpredictable nature of viral trends, it’s imperative for businesses to stay in sync with evolving trends in order to retain their relevance and effectively engage their target audience.

Planning to explore more than 20 videos in the future? Mandala is a social listening tool that scoops up all the trending videos from various platforms and piles them up for you; It also keeps an eye out for any mentions or tags that match your interests, making the whole content creation gig a whole lot easier. 

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