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17 Latest Instagram Trends to Watch in 2024 [Updated]

17 Latest Instagram Trends to Watch in 2024 [Updated]

Whenever you’re eating out, some of your friends might say, “Wait, let me put this on my IG stories first.” It’s evident that Instagram has already become an integral part of our daily lives in this era.

There’s even a specific term called “Instagrammable” that emerged to describe something that looks aesthetic enough to be shared on Instagram in the last few years.

Moreover, the usage of this application is growing more and more each day, showcasing its widespread popularity.

While Instagram is undoubtedly the place to catch up with your friends, it also presents a significant business opportunity. In this article, we’ll cover the 17 things top trending on Instagram that you cannot miss in the year 2024 so that you can take it into consideration before putting it in your marketing strategies. Let’s go through them one by one!

#1 Still The Year of Creators

Today, there are more than 50 million people all across the world who are known as ‘creators.’ The trends clearly show us that the creator economy still has a lot of room to grow, making it the fastest-growing type of small business. Interestingly, to Gen-Z Instagramers, creators hold even more cultural influence than traditional celebrities and stars. It’s no wonder why many marketers have included influencer marketing in their strategies.

Topped with more features this year, Instagram could be the platform for creators to shine, express themselves, and seize opportunities to collaborate with brands more than before.

#2 Still an Era for Instagram Reels

Everyone’s been talking about how TikTok is becoming one of the top-trending social media platforms, and Instagram knows that very well. So they have their own section for short-form videos too! That’s why they’ve introduced their own section for short-form videos too!

Instagram Reels, launched in 2020, has evolved into a game-changer in just two years. It’s evident that Instagram now prioritizes Reels over photos in the user’s feed. Many influencers have experienced significant follower growth just by consistently experimenting with Reels.

Therefore, consider focusing on Instagram Reels (and basically short-form content) in your marketing plan. Thanks to the current algorithm, doing so could help your brand reach more people and gain more followers!

#3 Welcome, Paid Promotion!

In the recent survey, it seems like there is a decline in organic reach, implying the need to increase paid advertising budgets. Not only the survey but if you take a look at your own feed, you’ll probably notice that about a quarter of the posts out there are sponsored content. One thing is clear, this is not coincidental. This is about algorithms.

What does this mean for your business? Well, it means more opportunities to boost your ads and put your content out there. Don’t miss out on the chance to reach a wider audience and be a part of that 25% on someone’s feed.

paid promotion on instagram

#4 Instagram Shopping as an Option for E-Commerce

When it comes to shopping on Instagram, we used to scroll, and see the products, and then sometimes we might be redirected to other sites for the purchase. But things have changed these past few years! Ever since Instagram Shopping was launched in 2021, users can now conveniently select and buy products all in one app. 

The numbers speak for themselves: every month, more than 130 million users tap on an Instagram Shopping post. In addition, Instagram has revealed that 44% of Instagrammers use the app to shop every week. These statistics are truly impressive. If you’ve come across these numbers and haven’t set up an Instagram Shop yet, what are you waiting for?

instagram shopping

#5 Try Playing With Story Links

A few years ago, Instagram introduced a swiping-up link feature, but it was only available for accounts with 10,000 or more followers. That’s not the case anymore, as Instagram has made the greatest decision by including a link sticker in Instagram stories that EVERY user can now use. When you click on the link sticker in a story, it will redirect you to the URL. It’s just like a regular hyperlink, but now it’s right there in Instagram stories, where people are swiping through all the time throughout the day.

This presents a perfect opportunity for small brands to direct people to links to their products! It’s a simple and effective way to engage your audience and drive traffic to your website or product pages.

instagram story link

#6 Here Comes the Broadcast Channels

In 2024, Instagram introduced a brand-new feature called ‘Broadcast Channels’, allowing creators to engage with their followers in more ways. Its features are still similar to DMs right now, with the exception that it’s one-sided: only creators can send messages to their followers. However, there could be more features in the pipeline for the future.

Although Broadcast Channels are only an opportunity for creators to connect more closely with their followers for now, who knows, it might even be expanded to business accounts in the future. Therefore, this trend is worth keeping an eye on!

instagram broadcast

#7 The Feature for Sponsors: Collaborative Posts

Apart from Broadcast Channels, Instagram has recently rolled out a new feature that enables users to invite collaborators to post together. Once another collaborator approves the tag, people who see the posts will notice that there are two post publishers. This feature makes it incredibly convenient for creators to tag brands in paid partnerships.

Collaborative Posts offer a brilliant way to expand your reach since your post will be seen by the followers of both parties involved. Whether you’re a brand or an influencer, don’t forget to explore and make the most of this feature!

#8 Express Yourself with “Add Yours” Stickers

Another new feature introduced to Instagram stories is called the “Add Yours” sticker. This nifty sticker creates public threads in Stories, allowing you to see other people’s stories within the same prompt as yours. For instance, #OOTD (Outfit of the Day) prompt, July Dump, Favorite Skincare Brands, and many more.

By incorporating stickers like “Add Yours” (or even other interactive stickers like polls, quizzes, and question boxes), you are increasing the chances of the audience engaging with you for a longer time. So, don’t hesitate to get creative with these stickers and make your Instagram Stories even more fun and engaging for your followers!

#9 Get Creative with Instagram Carousel Posts

We all know that the highlight feature of Instagram is posting pictures. But we don’t have to stick with posting one picture at a time. Instagram has carousel posts which allows us to post up to 10 photos and videos in just one post. 

This feature, from the business point of view, can be used to create more creative and engaging Instagram content. It allows more room to tell more stories to your audience, which could lead to fostered relationships between your brand and the customers.

#10 This is the Era of Live Shopping

We have talked about a few new features, and now let’s back to what we already have: Instagram Live. While this feature isn’t new, it seems like more and more Instagram users are going live. Recently, many brands have also used this opportunity to showcase their product or engage with followers in many different ways.

Furthermore, the statistics indicate that more than 80% of audiences would rather watch a livestream than read a blog post, and it is projected to account for 20% of all e-commerce sales by 2026. All of this tells us one thing: Instagram Live is here to stay. 

#11 Vibing With Instagram Music

By now, one thing we can be sure of is that people are listening to music on Instagram almost all the time. Some may even groove to the latest pop music, like Taylor Swift’s latest album, or enjoy the classics like Queen’s, without having to check the top hit charts anymore. 

With Instagram’s library of licensed music covering every genre, both normal users and creators around the world will be allowed to create more outstanding, different, and engaging content. Instagram Music offers the perfect time to showcase your passion and creativity!

instagram music

#12 #TheDancingChallenges

Continuing from Instagram music, there are many things people like to do with music, and one of the most common activities is dancing. In fact, dancing challenges don’t only exist on TikTok, they also exist on Instagram Reels as well. Interestingly, Instagram has reported that one-third of teenage users are excited to see more dance challenges in 2022. 

While this trend might not have a direct impact on businesses, knowing what’s trending right now on Instagram can open doors to discovering new influencers and potential collaborations out there.

dance challenge hashtag on instagram

#13 Memes. Memes. Memes.

Let’s be real here, most people on social media love memes. In fact, there’s a study showing that 75% of people between the ages of 13 and 36 love to share memes. Since a meme is usually an eye-catching image or short-form content, considering Instagram a heaven of memes wouldn’t be so wrong.

Over the last year, many brands have upped their game and started producing their own memes from official accounts. This is a fun trend that your brand can explore and play around with, but make sure the trend aligns well with your brand’s identity and product, or else it could backfire.

#14 The Time of Social Justices

When we look at the number of users on Instagram, we can see that Gen-Zs are one of the two largest groups, accounting for 31% of all users.

Speaking of Gen-Zs, they are interested in what’s happening in the world and how to make it a better place. In short, many people consider Gen-Zs as supporters of activism.

However, this doesn’t mean that brands should “greenwash” themselves. Instead, if your brand has the cause you support, a non-profit organization you donate to, or even social and environmental issues that you care about, it is high time to show your genuine care and connect with your audience.

instagram support social movement

#15 Arrival of Avatars

Let’s welcome the arrival of Avatars to Instagram. Many of you must have seen Avatars on other platforms already, and Instagram isn’t lagging behind on this trend.

Now, you can create custom avatars with different faces, hairstyles, and outfits as you want on Instagram. Avatars can be used on Instagram Stories, Direct Messages, or even as profile pictures. This feature has quickly become popular, probably because people love using it to express their personalities and identities.

#16 Be Authentic With Photo Dumps

An Instagram photo dump is essentially a gathering of images shared in a carousel format. It’s a departure from the meticulously edited and filtered content typically associated with Instagram, offering a more relaxed and genuine portrayal of everyday life.

These collections are a testament to the shift towards authenticity, featuring a mix of different types of images and varying levels of quality. Snapshots of untidy spaces, screenshots of memes, and blurry pics are commonly found in a typical photo dump.

Over the years, Instagram photo dumps have gained significant traction, with the hashtag #photodump accumulating over 4.1 million posts and counting. This surge in popularity underscores the appeal of embracing imperfection and celebrating the unfiltered moments of life, especially among the Gen Z demographic. So, perhaps it’s worth considering joining this trend and embracing its charm.

If you’re seeking some inspiration, take a peek at how Gracie Abrams and Sabrina Carpenter do, or even brands like Netflix also join this trend!

#17 Link in Bio to Boost Traffic 

‘Link in Bio’ is another answer to the question ‘What’s trending on Instagram today’ 

While other platforms like Twitter allow direct link embedding, Instagram creators, and influencers often resort to a call-to-action in their captions, nudging followers to check out their bio for related links.

instagram link in bio example

Using Link in Bio is a smooth way to steer the audience toward external content, which is gold for creators and businesses aiming to ramp up traffic and conversions. Plus, influencers are capitalizing on this by monetizing their presence through affiliate marketing, sponsored content, or product sales. 

With the bio link’s easy update feature, promoting various content or campaigns is a breeze, making it perfect for those spontaneous promotions or when your priorities switch gears.

Keep Following the Trends

We all know that Instagram still holds the top spot as one of the most-used social media platforms. Since it has become an integral part of many people’s lives and businesses strive to understand their customers better, staying updated on Insta trends is definitely essential.

Trends come and go like the flow of a river, but with the right assistance, you won’t feel overwhelmed. Mandala AI can offer you a hand. By using Mandala AI, you can monitor and identify new trends before they become mainstream, and it also provides data analyses to help you make the right business decisions. Moreover, it ensures a smooth workflow with your team. 

The best part is, Mandala AI offers a business plan subscription starting at just $69 per month!

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