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15 Latest Tiktok Trends to Watch in 2024 [Monthly Updates]

15 Latest Tiktok Trends to Watch in 2024 [Monthly Updates]

TikTok is one of the world’s most popular social media platforms with over a billion users. That’s a massive market. Your business has to succeed on TikTok to achieve your digital marketing goals. And the only way you can do that is by creating relevant and creative content. 

You need to create engaging and relevant content to attract a large and relevant audience. TikTok trends constantly change because content creators on the platform regularly come up with exciting new ideas. 

So what are the most important TikTok trends right now in 2024? Keep reading and you’ll learn what’s trending on TikTok 2024.

Trend of the Month [May 2024]

Hello, trend-surfers! 🌊 Before we hop on the TikTok wave in 2024, let’s scope out May’s hottest trend.

With Mandala Cosmos on deck, we’re serving up fresh updates every month across TikTok platforms. Get ready for the lowdown on engagements, likes, shares, and views. Plus, we provide in-depth analysis, tracking post-growth over a 7-day period.

And here’s what we’ve uncovered as the hottest trends for May.


i started this forever ago and it wont let me add anymore videos so idk

♬ Kesha songs – Vanessa🦋

What’s the Trend: The 7 Kesha Songs

Trend Takeaway: If you’re a Kesha fan, know all the 7 Kesha songs by heart, or just enjoying her music, here’s a cool trend you can totally get in on! Whether lip-syncing, doing some transitions like makeup or outfit changes, etc — whatever fits your niche! Now give this trend a try and watch your engagement levels go through the roof!

Sound: Kesha songs by Vannessa🦋

Current number of posts with this sound: 59.7K

15 Latest Tiktok Trends in 2024

1. Client Story Trend

The latest TikTok trend is mixing business promotions with storytelling. Businesses show off their products with a work-related short story. The goal is to captivate your audience’s attention with visuals and a compelling story. 

For example, you could create an inspirational story of how your team built an innovative new product. You could also share an uplifting story about how your company triumphed against the odds. 

The idea is to create an emotional connection between you and your customers through a compelling narrative. These trending TikToks benefit your marketing by humanizing your brand and developing familiarity with you.

@lilhemzy Story time P2 #hemzy #case #setup #pcgaming #pc ♬ midnight sun (ramzoid x hal walker) – ZOID LAND

2. Dance Challenges

Dance challenges remain extremely popular on TikTok with new songs and dance moves coming out regularly. The popularity of dance challenges goes all the way back to TikTok’s days. Only now it’s more popular than ever because of influencers. 

Many businesses even partner with TikTok influencers or even promote their own mascots. Having your own mascot is a great way to gain an edge. A dancing mascot builds a unique image for your brand. 

You can have your mascot either participate in existing challenges or create their own, like Charmin’s ‘Charmin Slide’. Remix.

Dance challenges benefit your marketing by blending your brand identity with popular culture. Plus, dance challenges are always trending on TikTok. So they’re excellent for gaining views. 

@charmin Are we doo-ing this right?? Follow for more bear antics and show us how you sliiiide…🍑😉 #ToiletTunes #ToiletTunesDance #EnjoyTheGo ♬ Charmin Slide – TikTok Remix – Charmin

3. Pack Order With Me

The ‘Pack and Order With Me’ trend involves the business owner showing how they prepare an order. For example, a bakery owner could make videos on how they bake cakes. 

These videos have an ASMR-like tranquility. When done right they allure potential customers to your business. The goal is to use visual aesthetics to hook your viewer’s attention. 

Small businesses especially benefit from this trend because they can showcase unique aspects of their business. For example, a baker can demonstrate the unique ingredients they use to bake cakes. 

The marketing benefit of this trend is the mixture of product presentation, trust-building, and ASMR fascination. 

@stardustbyallie asmr package an order with me!💖✨🤩 #asmrpackaging #asmr #packageanorderwithme #packagingasmr #asmrtiktoks #trend ♬ original sound – Stardust by Allie

4. Short Challenges 

Short challenges involve a company challenging viewers to perform a small activity. An example is Gymshark’s fitness challenges. The idea is to engage with your audience by getting them to participate. 

These challenges normally revolve around your products and encouraging viewers to interact with your products. Sports challenges are one of the most common TikTok trends in 2024. 

The marketing benefit of short challenges is they’re a great way to build online communities and engage with followers. You’ll also drive increased engagement and improve brand recognition. 

This trend is especially effective if you use catchy hashtags and use TikTok’s interactive ecosystem to expand your reach.

@franziskaschoebel 7KM – 33:35 🦋 #runninggirl #runningchallenge #fyp #runner #running #runningtiktok #run #gymshark ♬ Surrender – Natalie Taylor

5. Educational Product Tidbits

Educational product tidbits involve providing educational information about your company or industry. For example, Levi’s has created videos that share how their company crafts jeans. In these videos, they show how they produce denim. 

Educational product videos satisfy people’s curiosity and provide them novel information. These videos provide viewers with interesting information that glimpses into your brand’s inner workings. Educational product tidbits are still popular on TikTok 2024. 

The benefits of educational product videos are two-fold. You’ll demystify your manufacturing process and build a bond with your customers. You’ll also provide compelling storytelling by educating viewers. 

@levis Burn, baby, burn 🔥 #150YearsOf501 #asmr ♬ original sound – Levi’s

6. Green Screen

TikTok’s green screen trend involves businesses using green screens to create dynamic videos with interactive backgrounds. You can create green screen videos through the ‘Effects’ tab on TikTok. 

An example is Chipotle. They use the greenscreen feature to overlay their menu to verbally introduce new menu items. 

This type of video lets you build visually compelling videos that amplify your product’s features and bring viewers to new settings. 

The marketing benefits of green-screen videos involve immersive marketing opportunities. You can integrate visuals and information to captivate audiences.

@aamnaadel The viral @Olay UK super serum has 5-in-1 benefits. Less skincare steps & more benefits, im obsessed! Ad #dermatologist #skincareroutine #olaysuperserum #skintok #skincare #serum #olay #foryou #fyp #CapCut ♬ original sound – Dr Adel | Dermatologist

7. ASMR 

ASMR videos involve providing satisfying videos and sounds to allure viewers. Most ASMR videos provide immersive videos that tingle your viewers’ sensations. These videos generate lasting impressions if they provide good auditory and visual stimuli.

An example is DTE Beauty’s jar-filling exhibits. These videos provide comfortable auditory and visual stimuli that comfort viewers. ASMR videos are one of the most important current TikTok trends. 

These videos are excellent for cultivating customer relationships. ASMR captures the audience’s attention via multi-sensory content. 

@dtebeauty A unisex scent, not too sweet or strong. A combo of 🍋🌿🌊 #fyp #asmrtiktoks #satisfying #bodyscrub #smallbusinesscheck #oddlysatisfying ♬ som original – . ♬ ❦

8. Skits

TikTok’s Skits have short entertaining performances in business contexts. An example is the Washington Post which simplifies news topics with short skits. The idea is to deliver useful information through playful performances 

Skits are a great way to demonstrate your business’s creativity and simplify complex topics and interactions. They’re one of the most popular current TikTok trends. 

Skits are a great way to generate conversation about your products/services and distribute information. Skits are also excellent for building deeper connections with audiences.


Get ready for tomorrow👀

♬ original sound – Kris HC

9. Memes

Meme videos involve displaying your products with trendy memes. Funny and relatable memes are a great way to attract your viewer’s attention. For example, Scrub Daddy used the John Cena ‘disappearing’ meme in their video on washing stains from dishes. 

Good meme incorporation videos involve creating an engaging visual narrative with a lighthearted touch that enhances your brand’s relatability. For that reason, memes are one of the hottest TikTok trends 2024. 

Including memes in your TikTok entertains your customers and builds a lasting positive association in their minds with your brand. That way you’ll improve brand recognition.

@scrubdaddy S tier feeling. #scrubdaddy #smile #cleantok #cleaningtiktok #americasfavoritesponge ♬ Cupid – Twin Ver. (FIFTY FIFTY) – Sped Up Version – sped up 8282

10. Day In The Life

A ‘Day in the life’ video showcases a team member’s work routine. For example, a lawyer could show their office and explain their daily schedule. The purpose is to demystify your team members’ experience of working at your company. 

Doing this builds transparency and engagement with your brand. This type of video is especially useful for small businesses that can humanize their brand and inspire a sense of connection with viewers. 

This type of authenticity inspires community building and derives a sense of connection with your brand.

@brookibakehouse A day in my life as a bakery owner – cookie production day 👩‍🍳 #bakerylife #fyp #dayinmylife #bakingtiktok #bakeryowner ♬ Tom's Diner – AnnenMayKantereit & Giant Rooks

11. Creator Centric Trends

This trend involves influencers interacting with local businesses by visiting them or leaving positive reviews. An example of this includes food critic Keith Lee. He visits local restaurants and brings attention to them on social media. 

The goal of this trend is to create informative and relatable content that lets your business enter the creator economy. Creator centric content builds authentic trust in your business and its products. 

For that reason, creator centric content is always one of the top TikTok trends. 

So it helps your marketing by improving people’s impression of your business. Creator centric content also raises awareness about your products and improves your credibility. 

@lastcrumb We guess your gluten free friends deserve love too… #lastcrumbcookie #cookietok #glutenfreecookies #glutenfreebaking #glutenfree #originalsunshine #wheatstarch ♬ original sound – Last Crumb

12. Rating My Products

The ‘Rate My Product’ trend involves businesses showing off their best products for their audience to judge. For example, a cake shop could show off their best cake to their audience in a video. The audience is then requested to give the cake a rating. 

Rate My Product videos offer an opportunity to showcase your best products and engage with your customers. This video trend works best with more artistic businesses, like bakeries and restaurants where there’s more opportunity for distinguishing products. 

Rate my product videos are a new TikTok trend. 

This trend improves your marketing by building appreciation and trust for your brand. TikTok users love the authenticity that comes from rating my product videos. 


Rating my hyperrealistic cakes

♬ original sound – Sideserf Cake Studio

13. Listicles 

Listicles consist of providing short succinct lists of things viewers want to know. For example, you could make a ‘top five tips to improve your digital marketing’ video on TikTok. You’d offer quick and actionable information that’d benefit viewers.

You’ll find listicles all over TikTok because it’s an extremely popular video format. Listicles position your brand as an industry expert and build a positive reputation with your viewers. This type of video easily trends on TikTok. 

They benefit your marketing by positioning you as an industry leader and increasing your credibility. That way, you’ll demonstrate a positive brand identity with your consumers. 

Listicles are especially powerful on TikTok because they take advantage of the platform’s algorithm.

@neilpatel Top 5 digital marketing trends for 2024 Trend #1: Companies will create podcasts over blogs Ideally, you should have both, but podcasting it a blue ocean. There are 1 billion blogs. And there are 7.8 billion people in the world. That’s 1 blog for every 7.8 people. On the flip side, there are 4.2 million podcasts. That’s 1 podcast for every 1857 people. Trend #2: Companies will spend time on the less popular social networks. Although Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram are the more popular social networks, they don’t provide the best return on ad spend. Here are the social networks that provided the best return on ad spend in the last 30 days. X – 6.8 Pinterest – 5.2 Snap – 4.9 TikTok – 4.1 YouTube – 3.9 Instagram – 3.3 Facebook – 3.2 LinkedIn – 2.6 Trend #3: Marketing moats will become non-existent, other than brands. What makes Jordan shoes special isn’t the quality of the shoes. There are a lot of other high-quality shoes. It’s the brand (Jump Man logo). What made Kylie Cosmetics popular was the brand… not the quality of the product. Technology has made it easier to copy the competition. But the one thing that can separate you is your brand. Check out the percentage of SEO traffic that is brand-related based on revenue size. It just enforces the power of a brand. Trend #4: You’ll change the way you write content There are two things in this trend. First off, it used to be where 2300-word articles were the ones ranking at the top of Google. Then it became 1447-word articles. And now look at the average article length by industry. It’s because of tiktokification. The average user spends 95 minutes a day consuming short-form content. And the second thing is human-written content will outperform AI-written content. 94.12% of the time, human-written content outranked AI-generated content. But what’s interesting is more marketers are relying on AI to create their content. This should make it easier for your content to stand out. Trend #5 ♬ original sound – Neil Patel

14. Byte-Sized Tutorials

Byte-size tutorials are small tutorial videos that provide helpful information to viewers. For example, you could produce videos on baking cakes or applying beauty products. The goal is to positively benefit viewers by teaching them how to do something. 

These tutorials establish your brand’s knowledge and expertise in different areas. You also benefit viewers with actionable and useful information. Byte-sized tutorials are one of the latest Tiktok trends. 

Byte Size tutorials build credibility with your brand by establishing you as an authority. You also build a mutually beneficial relationship with your viewers because they benefit from receiving knowledge from you and you improve brand visibility and awareness.

@fentybeauty Beauty for AWLLL skin tones 👏🏻👏🏼👏🏽👏🏾👏🏿 We’ve understood the assignment since day 1, periodt! 💯 @golloria came thru with her perfect shade match using our #EAZEDROP ♬ original sound – Fenty Beauty

15. Influencer Launchings

Influencer launchings consist of involving influencers for product launches and other events. You essentially use an influencer’s endorsement to win over potential customers. For example, you could have influencers visit your new restaurant when it opens. 

Influencer launching content also involves demonstrations, testimonials, and endorsements for your products. The goal is to have influencers meaningfully interact with your brand. 

A great example of this is when Dunkin’ Donuts partnered with influencer Charli D’Amelio. She launched new menu items with Dunkin’ Donuts and collaborated on several videos. 

The benefits of influencer marketing include mutual promotion and increased credibility in viewers’ eyes. Plus influencer launchings are always TikTok trending. 

@sophiiaisabella last week at the launch of MYSLF by @SAINT LAURENT @YSL Beauty 🖤 #ysl #yslbeauty #MYSLF #launchparty #mediaevent #influencerevent #luxurylife #nightluxe ♬ Fill the Void x After Hours by L BEATS – DJ L BEATS

Riding the Wave of TikTok Culture!

Now you know what’s trending on TikTok. Learning the latest TikTok trends is your first step to understanding how to market on the platform. TikTok is an innovative space with a massive user base and frequently changing trends. 

You have to keep up with these trends to effectively market on TikTok. Of course, you’ll need to track your TikTok content’s performance to succeed. Mandala AI can help! >> Try Mandala For Free Today <<

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