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TikTok Scheduler: Plan and Manage TikTok Posts for Free [2024]

TikTok Scheduler: Plan and Manage TikTok Posts for Free [2024]

TikTok has come a long way from just being a place for quick and fun videos. Now, it’s become a go-to for Gen Z, not just for entertainment, but also as a search engine, an online marketplace, and even a source of education.

However, despite TikTok’s push for viral content, the timing of your posts can play a crucial role. Sharing your content during quieter periods might mean that many people miss out on the awesome content you’ve created. 

Great news! We now have a ‘TikTok scheduler’ — TikTok’s built-in tool that will make the busy lives of content creators and marketers much easier. And we’re here to introduce it and show you how to schedule TikTok posts!

Benefits of Using a TikTok Scheduler

Benefits of Using a TikTok Scheduler

1. Improve Consistency

In the world of social media and content marketing, consistency is the backbone. Scheduling TikTok posts at the right frequency is the key to building brand awareness and visibility, ensuring your TikTok audience stays engaged and connected with you.

2. Efficient Time Management

Planning your posts ahead makes the whole content creation process smoother, giving a clear schedule to work with. Plus, it helps plan out content in advance, avoiding any last-minute scramble. 

3. Global Reach 

If your brand is trying to connect with people across the globe, scheduling TikTok posts is a real game-changer. It lets you share your content during the hours when your audience in different time zones is most active. This increases the chances of your content getting noticed and appreciated.

4. Encourage Content Creativity

Remember that being creative and offering engaging content are the secrets to grabbing your audience’s attention. Unlike last-minute posting, having the confidence to schedule TikTok posts in advance allows you to craft a cohesive content strategy.

5. Content Optimization

Planning your posts helps you check how well your content is doing. You can determine the best times when your audience is most active, see how much they engage with your posts during those hours, and refine your strategy based on these insights for a better connection with your audience.

How to Schedule a TikTok Post 

Now that you recognize the significance of scheduling your content in advance, are you ready to step up your TikTok marketing game?

Here’s an easy-to-follow step-by-step guide to make a big impact on your TikTok marketing efforts:

Step 1: Log In on TikTok’s Web Browser

Just head over to TikTok on your computer, and when you’re logged in, look for the TikTok Scheduler at the top right corner of your feed. It’s got a cloud-shaped icon — that’s where you’ll find it!

create and upload video on TikTok scheduler

Step 2: Create & Upload Your Video

Upon clicking the cloud icon, you’ll be directed to the video upload page. 

Here, you have the option to select your videos, provide a caption and hashtags, choose a cover page, and determine who can view your content. 

create and upload video on TikTok

You also have control over privacy settings, deciding whether to allow or restrict comments and duets, similar to the usual process of uploading a TikTok video.

Step 3: Select Posting Date & Time

After completing the video upload and editing details, simply toggle the ‘schedule button’ and pick the time you want to post.

select posting date and time on TikTok scheduler

Step 4: Schedule Your Post

Once everything is set up, double-check all your information, including the date and time. Click ‘schedule’ to set your post. All good, you’re all set!

As a plus, you can also view your scheduled post alongside drafts in the Profile view.

scheduled post on TikTok scheduler

TikTok Scheduler Limitation

Unfortunately, TikTok Scheduler is still in development with a few limitations. Before diving in, here are some things you need to be aware of:

1. You can only schedule from a browser on a desktop, mobile is not supported

This means if your video is in TikTok drafts on your mobile, you’ll need to finalize it and transfer it to your computer to schedule it on the web browser.

2. You can only schedule 10 days in advance 

This might pose a challenge for content creators and marketers who like to plan posts several weeks ahead. However, it also encourages creating content that’s fresh and in real-time, aligning with the preferences of TikTok users today.

3. You can only schedule videos for Creator and Business accounts

Scheduling is currently available only for Creator and Business accounts. If you’re a regular TikTok user looking to schedule posts at your preferred time, unfortunately, you can’t access this tool unless you switch your account to a creator one.

10 TikTok Scheduling Best Practices 

1. Understand Your Audiences 

In the dynamic scene of TikTok content marketing, there’s no one-size-fits-all strategy. Given the diverse user preferences, comprehending the nuanced behaviors of your online audience is pivotal for strategic content planning. 

Pro Tip: Don’t focus on just one target audience; maximize your social media efforts to reach various types of people who might benefit from your products and elevate their lives.

2. Discover The Best Posting Time

Even if you understand your audience and various content structures, scheduling posts requires knowledge of the best posting times on TikTok. Consider user behavior, different time zones of your audience, and emerging trends that can quickly impact TikTok content scheduling.

3. Keep Consistent Frequency

As highlighted, maintaining consistency and frequency is elemental for sustained brand awareness on TikTok. Thus, establishing a balanced posting frequency per month or week becomes a crucial prerequisite for delving into TikTok post-scheduling.

4. Keep Track Your Content Schedule

Each content slated for scheduling should integrate seamlessly into a robust management system. Crafting a content calendar and setting strategic reminders can help you stay on top of the TikTok creator game.

5. Adjust to New Information

TikTok is a platform where trends and virality are constant, and the ability to adapt to change is paramount. While scheduling content allows for strategic planning, maintaining flexibility and adjusting content schedules based on real-time user preferences is equally imperative.

6. Preview & Adjust

After completing each piece of content, don’t forget to review it before scheduling to ensure it’s engaging and suitable for your audience. Although scheduled posts can be edited similarly to drafts, it’s better not to spend too much time correcting things if you can avoid it.

7. Optimize Your Content

The process of scheduling posts involves paying attention to comprehensive details. This includes leveraging on-branded or audience-specific hashtags, crafting compelling captions, and utilizing features during the upload process for heightened audience engagement.

8. Be Discreet & Cautious

As mentioned, precision and thoroughness are crucial when scheduling content to ensure a flawless outcome. Make sure the timing for posting is always accurate as planned.

9. Content Freshness

All content posted on TikTok should be fresh, real-time, and in line with the current needs of TikTok users. This ensures ongoing engagement rather than having content created six months ago and scheduled in advance.

10. Track & Monitor Performance

After scheduling and publishing content, regularly benchmark your own performance to assess if the scheduled posts are effective. Check if there are any adjustments needed, whether it’s the basic performance on TikTok’s analytics tool or detailed insights from advanced social listening tools like Mandala.

Mastering TikTok Scheduler

Don’t forget, your TikTok journey is more than just posting entertaining content; it’s about staying consistent and connected with your audience. Now, with TikTok scheduler at our disposal, creators like us can make our efforts even more solid. Make sure to apply our best practices for creating content on TikTok and any other platform you’re using.

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