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Top 25 Virtual Influencers to Follow in 2024

Top 25 Virtual Influencers to Follow in 2024

No matter whether we look to the left or the right, we see people saying ‘AI’ this and ‘AI’ that. AI has integrated into many aspects of our lives already, whether we like it or not. Even the influencer market is no exception.

Today, we have ‘virtual influencers’ or AI-powered influencers who can do anything just like human influencers can, except that their appearance was created by AI. As digital marketers, this is a rising trend that we should keep an eye on.

Top 25 Virtual Influencers to Follow in 2024

It’s okay if you’re still new to this industry; we are going to provide you with a list of 25 virtual influencers that you should check out and get to know, so you don’t miss the bandwagon this year!

1. @magazineluiza

First of all, let’s begin with one of the most followed virtual influencers out there. Lu do Magalu, also known as @magazineluiza, is an influencer from Brazil. Currently, she has more than 6.7 million followers on Instagram and over 2.7 million YouTube subscribers. She has been featured in numerous advertisement posts, product reviews, and sponsored game streaming videos. With such a substantial following, it’s no wonder she is currently the most visible virtual influencer in the world.

2. @lilmiquela

At first glance, Miquela Sousa might appear to be a typical teenager with a sense of style. However, if you take a look at her Instagram bio, you will realize that she’s actually “a 19-year-old robot living in LA.” Moreover, this robot influencer was also voted as one of TIME Magazine’s 25 Most Influential People On The Internet in 2018. This international recognition is likely the reason her account has amassed more than 2.6 million followers to this day.

3. @rozy.gram

Rozy Oh is hailed as the first hyperrealistic virtual influencer, originating from South Korea. Judging solely from her Instagram posts, one might mistake her for a celebrity in the K-pop or K-drama industry. Her sense of fashion rivals that of top-tier human influencers. In the comments, Koreans often praise her as ‘Gam-seong Jang-in’ or ‘The expert of expression.’

4. @ai_ailynn

If we ask @ai_ailynn about her own identity, she might describe herself as #MetaverseHuman as stated in her Instagram bio. Despite her current follower count of only 30k, her attributes—standing at 165 cm, possessing a cute face, short hair, and lively character—have led her to feature in numerous advertisements in Thailand. Some have even positioned her as a virtual host/MC.

5. @fit_aitana

Introducing Aitana, the AI influencer who seamlessly combines a love for gaming with a passion for fitness! With an impressive Instagram following of 274K, she transforms collaborations with various brands into a profitable venture.

With Aitana’s charismatic vibe, vibrant pink hair, and sculpted physique—she stands as a beacon of a new era in influencer marketing!

6. @imma.gram 

Japan is also at the top of its game when it comes to creating characters with cute and outstanding styles. Let’s meet Imma, who made her debut in Tokyo in 2018, but already has more than 390k followers. With a unique pink bob, she has become a familiar face in many industries, including fashion, business, magazines, TV, and online platforms. Japan Economics Entertainment also ranked her as one of the ‘NEW 100 Talents to Watch.’

7. @shudu.gram

Haute Couture and Virtual influencers—ever wondered what it would be like if these two industries joined forces? Introducing Shudu, a South African model originating from England; she is the world’s first digital supermodel. She has mesmerized audiences worldwide with supermodel-like poses and how she embodies such a classy fashion sense. Take a look at her, and you might even doubt whether she is an AI-powered or a real human influencer.

8. @kyraonig

Coming up next is an Indian virtual influencer who entered the industry in January 2022. Her name is Kyra. In her Instagram bio, she is described as a dream chaser, model, and traveler. Despite being a newcomer, she has swiftly become a digital icon with over 250k followers and a growing list of brand endorsements that might surprise many marketers, including Amazon Prime Video and John Jacobs.

9. @bermudaisbae

We’ve already introduced many new names in the digital influencer industry, so why not meet some of the experienced ones? Bermuda is a classic name that will pop up in people’s minds. Created in Los Angeles in December 2016, she appears as a sexy bombshell blonde with a curvy shape and charming eyes. Not only has she featured in advertisements, but she has also sung her own version of ‘Under The Bridge’ by the Red Hot Chili Peppers, which is currently streamable on Spotify.

10. @soymar.ia

Let’s meet Maria, a Mexican virtual influencer who isn’t a typical beauty influencer but more like a foodie influencer. She often shares her love for food with people online, and that has earned her more than 90k followers today. What’s even more impressive is that, in addition to delicious-looking dishes and recipes in her profile, she is also passionate about environmental awareness, mental health, gender equality, and inclusivity.

11. @iongottlich

Introducing Ion, the charismatic virtual influencer who’s head over wheels for pro cycling! With undeniable charm and confidence, he exudes a contagious passion for all things biking. Dive into Ion’s Instagram, a heaven for cyclists, featuring the latest gear and encounters with industry giants like Sean Sako, Jean Biermans, and Andre Greipel.

12. @millasofiafin

Meet Milla Sofia, a 24-year-old virtual resident of Helsinki, as she describes herself in her bio. With stunning allure and charm, she graces Instagram with her presence. Dive into the enticing world of Milla, where she shares her daily activities and impeccable fashion sense. If you’re in search of a striking influencer for your brand, Milla should be at the top of your list!

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13. @imapoki

Next is also a virtual artist, but this one originated in Seoul, South Korea. Apoki is one of the most iconic figures from this country. After releasing numerous singles, she has just launched her latest full album, ‘Earth Space Time,’ in 2023. From the beginning until today, she has collaborated with plenty of international brands and already has over 5 million followers across all her platforms – including YouTube, TikTok, and Instagram.

14. @e.m.oi

Meet E.M, Vietnam’s inaugural virtual influencer, a creation born from the collaborative brilliance of Ogilvy T&A and Colory Studio. She made a splash in the fashion scene, stealing the spotlight in the “Back to the Future” collection’s lookbook debut.

Her name, E.M, derives from the Vietnamese term “Em ơi,” translating to “Hey, sweetie!” Dive into her feed, where you’ll discover breathtaking photos showcasing her impeccable style and fabulous lifestyle—a true virtual trendsetter.

15. @leyalovenature

If you’re interested in environmental awareness, you will like this chic virtual influencer named Leya Love. Leya writes in her Instagram bio that she is a brand ambassador for Planet Earth, and her feed tells the same story! She often shares inspiring quotes about nature and how we should preserve this precious thing. She is a real-deal advocate, no different from many human activists around the world.

16. @bee_nfluencer

We know there are virtual human activists, but did you know that there are also virtual animal activists? Introducing you to B, the world’s first virtual bee influencer, who joined Instagram in 2019. B’s mission and passion are simple: raise awareness to save the bees in our ecosystem. In fact, B was created as a collaboration project between the BEE FUND and the Fondation de France. Every follower B has gained means more support for the real bees out there!

17. @janky and @guggimon

Some virtual influencers might not look like humans, as their visuals can be very cartoonish – the same goes for Janky and Guggimon. Janky and Guggimon are cat-like and rabbit-like figures (respectively), created by the Los Angeles-based creators ‘Superplastic.’ They have collaborated with many major brand names like Nike, Prada, and Red Bull. Since their first appearances in 2019 until now, they have garnered more than 1 million followers on Instagram, and the number is still growing.

18. @anymalu_real

Here we have another fully animated virtual influencer, Any Malu. Originally from Brazil, she made her first debut appearance in 2015. Five years later, she became a renowned YouTuber with more than 3.78 million subscribers and several videos that garnered more than 10 million views worldwide. Furthermore, she also has a TV show powered by Cartoon Network, which is quite impressive.

19. @nobodysausage

What if people’s favorite virtual influencer is not human or animal, but a sausage? Nobody Sausage is just an influencer who wants to make humans laugh, as stated in their bio, and more than 20 million TikTok followers probably agree with them. They are one of the living examples that defy limitations in this industry. However, the core concept of their content is pretty easy to understand: a one-man sausage show. Check out their account, and you’ll probably understand why they have become an internet sensation.

20. @lechat.vv

It is a well-known fact that there are plenty of cat lovers around the world, and the creator of this virtual influencer is also ahead in the game. Lechat is a female figure with short hair and cat ears, boasting more than 3 million followers on TikTok. You’ll instantly recognize from her character and style that she is a K-pop fan; that’s why she often posts dancing and cover videos on TikTok and Instagram. Check out some of her videos and see how well she performs for yourself!

21. @noonoouri

Next is Noonoouri, a Munich-based fashionista cartoon influencer you probably want to get to know. Her profile says nothing ordinary as she is a virtual model from an actual modeling agency, IMG Models, where she is also an advocate for fur-free fashion. On top of that, she has also released music with Warner Music Germany. The passion for fashion and sustainability is probably what has made her adored by many major fashion brands out there.

22. @realqaiqai

We have humans, animals, cartoons, and sausages; have any idea what’s left? Babies. Meet Qaiqai, a baby virtual influencer who debuted in 2018. Guess what? This virtual influencer was bought by Serena Williams, a well-known tennis legend, for her own daughter. However, her charm isn’t limited to just a few people. This can be proven by the video ‘Dancing with Qai Qai’; you will see that it has already garnered more than a million views.

23. @casasbahia

Let’s meet a virtual influencer who is also a spokesperson for a brand; here we have CB from Brazil. CB was created by the brand of the same name, Casas Bahia, which is one of Brazil’s biggest retail brands specializing in furniture and home appliances. If you’re thinking that a branded virtual influencer might not gain that many followers, you’re wrong. CB has more than 5.3 million followers on Facebook and more than 3.7 million followers on Instagram, up until now.

24. @virtual.malive

Prepare to be captivated by the virtual influencer ready to leave a lasting impression – introducing Malive Sofia, a rising star in the virtual realm, showcasing her unique looks and styles.

Malive is known for her passion for fashion, art, and the environment. Despite not boasting a sky-high follower count, Malive is a formidable presence, having already secured partnerships with a major brand like ParamountPlusde!

25. @thecodemiko

Last but not least, we have CodeMiko, a South Korean-American who was formerly an NPC in a failed video game but transitioned to becoming a live streamer on Twitch and YouTube. Her charm is attested by The Streamer Awards for Best VTuber Streamer which she won in 2022. Her content strikes a perfect balance between cuteness and sexiness that you cannot resist!

The Future of Cyber Celebrities

Now, you likely understand that virtual influencers are just as unique and diverse as their human counterparts. While the above list comprises only 25 of them, it doesn’t imply that you should limit yourself to this selection. Similar to the ever-evolving digital landscape, the virtual influencer industry follows suit. Therefore, if you’re a digital marketer or business owner, it’s crucial to stay constantly updated!

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