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Top 35 Disney Influencers You Should Follow in 2024

Top 35 Disney Influencers You Should Follow in 2024

Disney has always been loved by people of all ages and genders. To this day, many Disney characters have captured people’s hearts. So, it’s no wonder why Disney has infiltrated the influencer landscape as well.

If you are a Disney fan and want to see content revolving around Disney from various aspects, you might want to consider following these 35 influencers from around the world. No need to hang around; let’s dive into the magical world!

Top 35 Disney Influencers You Should Follow in 2024

  1. @eatseemagic

On one hand, Bri calls herself a ‘Magical Vlogger.’ On the other hand, she is a Caribbean Disney Princess. Active on Instagram and YouTube, her profiles are flooded with Disney food and recipes that Disney fans will absolutely fall in love with.

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  1. @carlyewisel

Carlye is like no other; she is an award-winning theme park journalist and the host of the Very Amusing podcast. She has covered a variety of topics about this wonderful theme park, such as ‘Top Tips for Visiting Disney World with a Baby!’

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  1. @colormemagic 

When talking about Disney influencers, Courtney, or @colormemagic, can’t be missed on the list. She is vibrant, lively, and loves sharing plenty of Disney-themed fabulous fashionable looks. Additionally, she has her own clothing collection, collaborating with Rent the Runway.

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  1. @itsjessicamcdonald

Another Disney fanatic who is always impeccably dressed is Jessica McDonald. She is a true icon who expresses herself through thousands of Disney-themed outfits and makeup. While her images are no different from magazine photos, we can also catch a glimpse of her real lifestyle with her beautiful family.

  1. @itsdarlingnikki

Nikki is a fashionista who’s obsessed with Disney and a self-proclaimed Gryffindor. Apart from her curated, wonderful, and Instagrammable fashion profile, she is also an amateur food critic, co-founding the hashtag #MagicFoodieTour.

  1. @styledbymagic

@styledbymagic is an Instagram account run by Chelsea Watson, where she expresses her love for Disney and fashion, always “trying to find magic in every day.” With her red lipstick, her outfits, nails, and makeup all check the box for ‘perfection.’

  1. @geoffreysversion 

Who said we don’t have an LGBTQ+ influencer who is also a Disney enthusiast on this list? Let’s welcome Geoffrey, who has shared hundreds of photos from this magical theme park. What’s impressive is how he combines pride-themed outfits with Disney themes so adorably.

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  1. @erikaenchanted

Erika Kurzawa is a lifestyle influencer who loves to share Disneyland-focused content with every step she takes. With her unique character and distinctive looks (she currently has blue hair), she proudly declares in her bio that she’s ‘Frankenstein’s GF’.

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  1. @emilynels8

@emilynels8, or Emily Nelson, is an Orlando-based influencer with a beautiful and colorful feed. She loves sharing Disney-themed content in her Instagram photos and YouTube vlogs. Examples include “Is there a SECRET land in Disney World?”, “Disney Sleepover,” and “Get Ready with Me for Disney World.”

  1. @magicalifestyle

If there’s an influencer who embodies a romantic and luxurious lifestyle alongside her passion for Disney, that person is Raven Daria. She has shared many different looks inspired by Disney, such as the cutie Soft Minnie Vibes outfit.

  1. @jeff4magic

Talking about Raven Daria, we probably can’t leave her partner off the Disney influencer list. Jeffrey, or @jeff4magic, also shares his passion for Disney with his partner. Through his Instagram, he frequently showcases Disney-inspired outfits with a hint of vintage flair in his photos.

  1. @livin.mivida.ale

Alessandra Martinez is a luxury travel and lifestyle creator. As you can tell from her title, she may not post Disney-themed content as often as others, but she is the self-proclaimed Disney Mom of four who is also bilingual. That’s quite difficult to find in this landscape.

  1. @theshayspence

Next up is Shay Spence, a Disney influencer who has been featured on TV. He’s a traveling food writer and a professional chef with a passion for Disney and all the delicious food it has to offer.

  1. @bibbidibobbidi_broke

Let’s welcome another foodie and chef who’s in love with Disney – Adriana Redding. She hosts ‘Iconic Eats’ in the magazine ‘Delish’. Besides, she is an expert in experiencing Disney on a tight budget without sacrificing any of the memorable experiences and cute outfits.

  1. @livinglocurto

It’s Amy Locurto’s mission to bring fun and happiness into your everyday life through her specially crafted Disney-inspired recipes. You might want to consider visiting her blog for more yummy-looking food ideas and DIY crafts.

  1. @disneyfoodblog

If you’re eager to explore more about the food in Disney World, Disney Food Blog won’t disappoint you. Their feed is filled with delicious-looking menus that might leave you scrolling and watching a bit too much!

  1. @foodatdisneyland

We wouldn’t include only one Disney food blogger on this list, of course. Next up is @foodatdisneyland. This account is straightforward; they love the food at Disneyland, so they share pictures and opinions about the food and drinks they enjoy there. They don’t even show their faces on the account since they only want to share an authentic food experience!

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  1. @mrs.everydaymommy

It isn’t too hard to find a mom who has a heart for Disney, and Yeskel Cortes is one among many moms out there. Based in Orlando, she has shared hundreds and hundreds of heartwarming pictures of herself and her family enjoying Disney World. Isn’t that cute?


Next, we have Tina, an Orlando local, a mom of two boys, a blogger, and a Disney content creator. Through her blog ‘A Magical Life For Me,’ she shares her Disney adventures, tips, style, hotel stays, and ways to bring magic to your home.

  1. @wintergardenmoms

As we mentioned, “Disney is loved by people of all ages,” the next influencer is focused on Disney and family content, as you can guess from the account’s name, @wintergardenmoms. This mom frequently shares pictures of her kids in theme parks (especially Disney World, of course) and various events related to Disney.

  1. @littlegraythread

Jenielle, Little Gray, and Little Sage have been well-known for #lunchladydiaries on TikTok, where they have garnered more than 110k+ followers. You might be familiar with their faces as she has also made a debut with her beautiful daughters on #DisneyFamilySundays in many episodes.

  1. @randomly_riley

The next family was also featured on #DisneyFamilySundays, and they are Riley and Liam and the mother. Impressively, the mother is a self-taught seamstress who has crafted plenty of wonderful Disney outfits for her children, such as the one and only Alice in Wonderland or the duo of Thor and Loki.

  1. @theelizamouse

@theelizamouse is another influencer whose interests lie in Disney and family lifestyle. While Eliza Foxx might not have a large following on Instagram, she has gained over 22k followers on TikTok. Proudly, she declares herself a Disney mom to her beautiful daughter/princess, Briar Elyse.

  1. @bobgurrofficial

Don’t underestimate that you wouldn’t expect to see a 92-year-old Disney influencer on this list, here’s Bob Gurr. Formerly the host of The Bob Gurr Show, he is the legendary Disney Imagineer who has designed hundreds of mechanical attractions for Disney.

  1. @bret_iwan

Here is another creator who makes children’s dreams come true: Bret Iwan, known as the voice of Mickey Mouse since 2009. While famous as a voice actor, he also works as an illustrator and designer, creating many variations of Disney characters in his own style.

  1. @tom_bricker

Let’s move on to a Disney influencer who is also a professional photographer – Tom Bricker. Through his images, we can witness the beauty of Walt Disney World and Disneyland in Tokyo, Paris, Hong Kong, California, and basically around the world, all captured through his lenses.

  1. @somewareatdisney

Another professional photographer specializing in Disney Park photography is Shane Ware, also known as @somewareatdisney. It’s amazing how his photos and visions allow us to witness the liveliness, beauty, and magic of each Disneyland, both during the daylight and nighttime.

  1. @jimhillmedia

If you’re not just a Disney fan but more of a Disney nerd, Jimhillmedia is a podcaster and historian who loves discussing various facets of Disney, including the theme parks and animated features. Check it out, and you’ll see that there’s a dedicated section for Marvel fans too!

  1. @loumongello

Next up is Lou Mongello, a former lawyer who turned into the host of the award-winning podcast WDW Radio. Since 2004, he has been covering interesting facts about the Disney parks, from the screens to everything in between.

  1. @michaeldoesdiz

Michael started this influencer journey when he was laid off from a corporate job in 2020. He created a blog called MichaelDoesCrafts, where he usually crafts fun tie-dye items. Since he loves Disney, many of his creations are inspired by the magical world!

  1. @bbbrooke

Now we have Brooke Prelovsky. While she may appear like a typical Disney fan at first glance, she has been following her dream and working as a designer of officially licensed Disney accessories for over 9 years already. If you love Disney-themed merch, you might want to check out her creations.

  1. @heatherpeggs

During work hours, Heather Peggs is a travel agent. She has infused her passion for Disney into her work, planning numerous amazing Disney trips for tourists around the world. (If you’re planning one, email her!) Additionally, she manages another Instagram account where she shares interesting facts about Disney, so you might want to check that out too.

  1. @ktsbestlife

If the channel named ‘Best Life and Beyond’ has caught your attention before, then you probably know Katie Slockbower already. Through her vlogs, she shares her lifestyle, and travels, and often provides Disneyland updates with her partner, Spencer.

  1. @tdrexplorer

With over 150k subscribers on YouTube, TDR Explorer welcomes everyone to join him on his journeys exploring theme parks in Asia. You will find a lot of useful advice as he loves sharing tips for navigating Tokyo Disneyland and Universal Japan.

  1. @thedisneyfox

Last but not least is @thedisneyfox, or Steve Fox, an influencer who hails from the birthplace of Walt Disney. He is a real Disney geek who loves to write blogs and share photos of himself and his partner happily roaming around the Disney Worlds, which he believes is the “happiest place on earth.”

Disney’s Finest

Disney has brought joy and happiness to people around the world. It’s amazing how the magic of the internet has connected those who love the magical world, allowing them to find each other.

Even though we only covered 35 Disney influencers in this list today, new influencers pop up and join the field every day, waiting to be discovered by you. So, you might want to keep exploring.

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