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The Best Time to Post on Instagram in 2023

The Best Time to Post on Instagram in 2023

Posting on Instagram is one of the best ways to promote a business. But delivering content to your audience, no matter its quality isn’t enough to get you the results you want if you’re not optimizing your posting schedules.

Because yes, there is such a thing as the best time to post on Instagram. Check out this guide to learn how to identify the best days and times to post Instagram content.

Navigating Instagram’s Impact

Around 28% of the world’s internet users log on to Instagram at least once a month. The platform has become one of the most powerful social media tools around, especially when it comes to visual content.

On Instagram, photos and videos matter a lot more than even the most creative copy. It’s the place where people go to get inspired, keep up with their favorite celebrities, and even discover new products and services.

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Brands who want to leverage Instagram and include it in their social media strategy should try to identify the best time to post on the platform to increase their engagement.

The Quest for Optimal Posting Times

Benchmark data can give you a rough idea of Instagram’s peak hours.

  1. The best days to post on Instagram are Tuesday and Wednesday.
  2. A good time to post on Instagram is between 9 a.m. and 1 p.m.
  3. The worst time to post on Instagram is on Sunday.

However, these look at the overall Instagram user behavior across all industries, age groups, and other demographics.

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Most likely, your audience has some specific behaviors that could influence these best posting times, even just slightly. You can get more accurate estimates of the best time to post on Instagram for your particular audience by analyzing:

  1. User behavior: Checking how your followers interact with your content is the best way to determine optimal posting times and ensure your content is distributed when your audience is most active.
  2. Time zones: If your audience lives across multiple time zones, you should determine the exact active hours for each and include these considerations in your posting strategy.
  3. Emerging trends: These are crucial moments you can leverage to increase your account engagement and even visibility. However, emerging trends may require you to rethink your posting schedule as they may not overlap.

Day-Specific Instagram Posting

Some studies have found that people tend to show distinct emotions or behaviors on specific days of the week.

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For example, many know of the so-called “Blue Mondays”, as the first day of the week is more likely to bring up negative emotions.

Friday, on the other hand, tends to bring up more positive emotions, most likely because it marks the beginning of the weekend.

You can also assume your audience will behave differently depending on what day it is. Looking at your specific engagement data on Instagram is the best way to determine to what extent your audience does indeed feel the “Blue Mondays” and interact less with your account.

Creating Impactful Reels on Instagram

Instagram Reels are a type of short-form video viewers can watch on a separate feed or their main Instagram feed.

If you’re going to include reels in your strategy, then determining the best time to post on Instagram is paramount.

A reel video can gain traction if it gathers more views, comments, likes, and shares. Instagram specifically looks at these engagement metrics to determine if a reel is worth including in more Reel Feeds for similar users.

If you post your reel at a time when most of your target audience is active, you give it the best chance to gather these essential engagement stats. The Instagram algorithm can take it from there.

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Adapting to Audience Preferences

Since the algorithm follows the public’s reaction, it becomes even more crucial to consider what your target audience wants from you.

Here are a few things to consider to successfully adapt to your audience’s preferences:

  1. Analyze demographics: First, learn anything you can about who your audience is in terms of their age, gender, location, and more. Getting a complete picture of your audience can help you tailor your content specifically to them.
  2. Assess user interests: Apart from who your audience is, you should also know what they’re interested in. Their wants, desires, or even preferences in the content format can help you build more engaging content.
  3. Build audience sub-sections: Your target audience is most likely not a monolith. Creating subsections based on factors like time zones, locations, or some key demographics helps you target the unique needs of all of them.

Mandala AI’s Time Analytics

Tracking and analyzing data is the foundation for determining the best time to post on Instagram. Though the platform offers access to some engagement stats, they only paint part of the picture.

Mandala AI’s powerful Time Analytics gives you the complete picture without any fuss. The tool analyzes and monitors post engagements across several social media channels, including Instagram.

With it, you don’t have to guess when it’s a good time to post on Instagram. You’ll know it.

Other benefits of using Time Analytics to optimize your Instagram strategy include:

  • Improving post scheduling: The tool reveals the exact optimal times you should be communicating with your audience on Instagram and removes all guesswork;
  • Boost engagement: By knowing the right times, you also increase the level of engagement your Instagram content will attract, whether it’s content on Stories, your regular feed, or even Reels.
  • Save time and effort: Time Analytics removes the need to switch between multiple tools to get key insights and optimal posting times.

Discover the full potential of Mandala AI’s social media solutions now and use them to create better-converting campaigns.


The best time to post on Instagram won’t be revealed to you in an article. It will be the result of careful data analysis that considers your engagement stats, your target audience, and their zone times.

Or, it could be revealed through an intuitive solution designed to help businesses of all sizes make data-driven solutions: Mandala AI. Sign up for our services today and start posting during your Instagram peak hours!

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